Top Gear's Freddie Flintoff says getting offended is a 'national sport' as he slams PC culture

TOP Gear’s Andrew Flintoff says getting offended is now a “national sport”.

The cricket legend, 42, fears being “cancelled” amid the politically correct climate.

He said: “Sometimes it’s difficult to know what you’re allowed to have an opinion on, how to say it and whether you should open your mouth at all.

“That’s why we’ve got this cancel culture because people love getting offended and jumping on people’s mistakes or opinions that vary from theirs.

"It’s a national sport. That’s why I’m better off away from social media.”

The BBC host, nicknamed Freddie, said people identifying as another gender makes no sense to him, “a bloke from Preston”.

He wrote in new book Right, Said Fred, out on Thursday: “If someone wants to be a dog or whatever they want to be, I’m not bothered. That’s their business.

"But if I forget that they think they’re a dog, don’t get your knickers in a twist about it.”

He said some would probably deem that last phrase sexist.

But he added: “There are people saying all sorts of stuff that’s quite obviously horrible and nasty, on purpose, so have a go at them instead.”

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