Tracy and Nate welcome baby Frankie in heartwarming scenes in Emmerdale

Tracy Metcalfe (Amy Walsh) gave birth to her and Nate Robinson’s (Jurell Carter) baby in Emmerdale (February 25) tonight.

Cain Dingle (Jeff Hordley) found the young woman writhing in pain in tonight’s edition of the ITV soap, and therefore decided to postpone his romantic evening with Moira (Natalie J Robb) so that he could take Tracy to the hospital.

Tracy was in agony as she awaited to be seen, but before long she was taken to a room, as Nate watched on in shock.

Cain offered Nate some fatherly words of wisdom and therefore the young man soon joined his partner in the maternity ward, as she gave birth to their baby daughter.

Nate was overwhelmed upon setting his sights on his child for the first time, and he took hold of her in his arms — much to the delight of Tracy.

Tracy then had a hold of her baby girl, who she seemingly decided to name Frankie — no doubt a tribute to her late dad, Frank Clayton (Michael Praed).

‘She looks like a Frankie,’ Tracy said, staring at her daughter.

Nate agreed, before informing her that he’s never been happier.

Tracy returned his smile with one of their own, as the two prepared to embark on this new chapter of their life. Together.

We’re not crying, we swear!

Emmerdale continues Thursday February 25 at 7pm on ITV.




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