TVLine Items: Power Book IV Premiere Date, LA Fire & Rescue Trailer and More

Tommy Egan will be back to conquer Chicago’s drug world when Power Book IV: Force returns for Season 2 on Friday, Sept. 1 at 8/7c on Starz. The premiere will also be available that same day at midnight ET via the Starz app and on-demand platforms.

In the new season, “Tommy Egan is on a mission to avenge the death of Liliana, and with the Flynn organization weakened, he’s more determined than ever to take over the Chicago drug world,” reads the official synopsis. “But with CBI split down the middle, Tommy and Diamond first must maintain their edge over Jenard. As their factions feud in the streets, Tommy capitalizes on another rivalry between the Serbs and Miguel Garcia, the most formidable drug lord in Chicago.

“After setting off a chain reaction of violence in pursuit of his ambition, Tommy must race to stay ahead of the men who are coming for what’s theirs, a federal task force that’s closing ranks, and a sadistic supplier with a direct line to the Cartel. All the while torn by the promise of a second chance with his blood family, Tommy must decide what he is willing to sacrifice to finally ascend the throne of a kingpin.”

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Ready for some more recent newsy nuggets? Well…

* Hulu’s Chris Estrada comedy This Fool will return for Season 2 on Friday, July 28, with all 10 episodes dropping at once.

* Watch a trailer for LA Fire & Rescue, a new docuseries from executive producer Dick Wolf, premiering Wednesday, June 21 at 8 pm on NBC:

* HBO Max’s Swiping America, a romantic-documentary dating series, will debut with its first two episodes on Thursday, June 15, followed by four installments on June 22 and then its final two episodes on June 29. Watch trailer:

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