Twitter Is Thoroughly Thirsting over Zac Efron’s New Netflix Travel Show

Over the weekend, Twitter was seemingly reminded that Zac Efron is still indeed an inhumanely gorgeous specimen. And to that, I am here to say to the public at large, shame on you for forgetting it in the first place.

The reason for the Twitter chatter surrounding Efron can be attributed to the premiere of his new Netflix travel show, Down to Earth with Zac Efron, which follows the actor and health guru Darin Olien around the world to talk food, culture, and sustainability. Over the course of eight episodes, one can watch Efron milk a goat in San Juan, don a beekeeper suit for a visit to a rooftop hive in New York, and, perhaps most importantly, go shirtless—be it taking a dive in the ocean or partaking in a freezing ice bath in Iceland, the actor isn’t afraid to strip down.

Regardless of where Efron was in the world, viewers took to Twitter in recent days to express their unrequited lust for the High School Musical star-turned-new age millennial, bearded, and outrageously buff travel show host.

Efron took to Instagram on Sunday to express his gratitude for his fans, who helped make the show one of the weekend’s top trending selections on the streaming network. “Love you guys 👊😎❤️#downtoearth #netflix,” he wrote.

Hot and humble. That’s what we call a winning combination.

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Love you guys 👊😎❤️ #downtoearth #netflix

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We’ve rounded up the most hilariously thirsty reactions to the series below.

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