Vanderpump Rules Finale: Jax Taylor Compares His Anger Issues to Being 'Handicapped'

To the camera, she elaborates on her frustrations; she feels she's outgrown the relationship and all of Kristen's drama. "It's hard saying goodbye to Kristen," she admits. "I mean, when I first met her, I was the new girl at SUR and she was the cool, older one, and she knew all of the tricks of SUR. I mean, she taught me how to steal wine. She introduced me to this group of friends, to Jax, to Schwartz, I mean, to Beau. And now I don't even know if she'll be standing up with me at my wedding, or even be there."

Tom has a similar realization. "I've been friends with Jax for a long time. I just don't know if I have a space in my life for that kind of repetitive negativity, and I feel like I'm wasting my energy and my love on the wrong person," he says in a confessional.

Jax Taylor and Brittany Cartwright Talk About Drama with Carter and Friendship with Kristen

"Why don't we just take a break for a little bit? Just a timeout, man," Jax offers. "I've f—ed up a lot of things. I don't want to f— this up anymore."

Tom agrees, walking away. When Lisa Vanderpump approaches Jax, encouraging him to fix things, he insists she doesn't understand the severity of the situation.

"It's not just a f—ing television show, Lisa," he says. "These are my true friends. This is why my show is successful."

But Lisa explodes. "It's actually not your show, it's actually my show. So don't be f—ing disrespectful to me," she reminds him. "Listen. Stop making yourself feel more special than you are. We're all human beings. We're all gonna lose people, we're all gonna fall in love, we're all gonna have great relationships, we're all gonna f— up. Stop putting the pressure on yourself. We're all gonna lose our parents. We're all gonna go through tragedy, because that's what life's about."

"So you gotta deal with it," she continues. "You've got a beautiful woman, you've got every chance in life. Now pull it together, go see somebody, talk to them, and realize how lucky you are. End of f—ing story."

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