Vikings plot hole: Fans expose major problem with season 6 battle scene

The epic History Channel series amazed fans with its brutal depiction of the age of Vikings. With episodes also available on Amazon Prime, the historical action drama have boast some of the best battles on the small screen, but some huge errors have fallen through the cracks.

When fans last left the historical series, Bjorn Ironside (played by Alexander Ludwig) had just fallen victim to a devastating ambush by his rival, Ivar the Boneless (Alex Høgh Andersen).

After nearly succumbing to an overwhelming invasion from Prince Oleg (Danila Kozlovsky), Kattegat is under deadly threat as the wait for season six’s return continues.

So far there has been no confirmation for the return of season six, which still has ten more episodes left to air.

Initially expected to broadcast on History and Amazon in November or December 2020, there has been speculation that production of the series may have been put on hold amid the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.


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Popular series such as The Walking Dead and Riverdale have had their ongoing seasons interrupted by lockdown restrictions, and Vikings may be among their ranks.

During the long wait for new Vikings content, fans have spotted some glaring errors with the most recent gruelling battle sequence depicted on the show.

Normally, the series is praised for its combination of fight choreography and stunt work, although its limited budget means its war sequences aren’t always historically accurate.

One fan pointed this out when they took to Reddit and asked: “Where were the catapults?”

Real life vikings were known for their use of rudimentary long-range weaponry during their epic skirmishes.

Sadly, the projectile weapons were nowhere to be seen when fans were finally treated to the highly anticipated midseason battle scene.

Another fan pointed out how much build-up there was for the latest war between Bjorn’s warriors and the Rus, only to deliver a fraction of the battle’s potential.

Redditor russmcruss52 commented: “They can use ballistae to break the ice for Lagertha’s burial ship but can’t use them for actual war? Where was the oil fire trap that Olaf used against Bjorn?”

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Despite ruling across Scandinavia between 793-1066 AD, the Vikings were known for their surprisingly advanced use of early technology during warfare.

Unfortunately, screenwriter Michael Hirst most commonly resorts to basic sword fights and scrappy hand-to-hand combat when it comes to Vikings’ major action set pieces.

Unlike HBO’s prestige drama Game of Thrones, Vikings frequently runs into budgetary restrictions, and can’t always produce the sprawling battles it often promises.

Even the biggest TV dramas can sometimes run into significant technical hurdles when it comes to translating vast combat sequences to the small screen.


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Another fan added: “Game of Thrones and this show is no different. The biggest battles you are most excited for always come up short. Stupid design and plan of battle is the problem.”

Thankfully, Vikings will have a chance to redeem itself when season six finally returns.

There is already speculation Bjorn Ironside actually survived his attack, and may return from the brink of death to turn the tide of war as the battle continues in episode 11.

Vikings is available to stream on Amazon Prime.

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