Vikings recap: What happened to Josefin Asplund’s Astrid?

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Over the past eight years, many characters have come and gone in Vikings, many dying brutal deaths. Josefin Asplund starred in seasons four and five of Vikings but sadly for Astrid fans, she was absent from season six. has everything you need to know.

What happened to Astrid?

Astrid was one of the most prominent shield maidens in Kattegat, and third in command to Lagertha.

She fought alongside the famous shieldmaiden Lagertha (played by Katheryn Winnick) and newcomer Torvi (Georgia Hirst) to defend Kattegat from King Harald’s (Peter Franzen) attack.

Astrid idolised Lagertha and the two became very close and later lovers.

In season five of Vikings, King Harald kidnapped Astrid and took her to Norway, where he forced her to marry him.

Sadly, Astrid was attacked and raped by a group of warriors whilst living in Harald’s kingdom.

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She soon fell pregnant and it was unclear whether Harald was the father of the child or if it was one of her attackers.

At the battle of Kattegat, she came face to face with her former lover Lagertha.

Astrid and her unborn baby were killed by Lagertha after she told her former love she did not want to live and welcomed death if it meant she would be killed by the woman she loved.

In an emotional scene, Lagertha stabbed Astrid with her sword and tears in her eyes.

Sadly, Astrid died from her injuries on the battlefield.

During a Vikings panel at German Castle Con in 2019, she was asked how she felt about not making it to season six.

She said: “I was very sad of course, I had been on the show for a year at that point – half of season four and half of season five.

“I really felt you guys [the cast] became my family, we hung out so much, I spent more time with you than I did with my boyfriend.

“We had such a great time, so even though I was sad for leaving the show and leaving Astrid who I really loved playing, it was a credit to leave my friends and family.”

She added: “Even after being on the show for a year it was really hard [to leave], I was ready for new challenges and new projects, but it was sad of course.”

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Show creator Michael Hirst explained to Variety that Astrid’s death was part of the character’s story.

He said: “I didn’t want to kill any of these characters. It goes without saying that it’s very difficult to make those choices and I didn’t necessarily begin with those choices either.

“I was very open to persuading myself that other characters could die.

“The ones who did it felt organic like they had looked at their own deaths and were willing to accept them.

“Astrid was in a terrible situation and looking for her own death.”


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Who is Josefin Asplund?

Josefin Asplund is a Swedish actress from Stockholm.

She is best known for playing Pernilla Blomkvist in The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo and Rebecka Mohlin in The Circle.

Most recently, Asplund starred in the thriller series The Sanctuary as Helena.

Her other credits include Conspiracy of Silence, Arne Dahl: Efterskalv and Call Girl.

Vikings is streaming on Amazon Prime now.

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