Vikings: Valhalla features the END of Vikings Era as fans uncover behind the scenes clue

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Half a year after the original Vikings series came to an end on Amazon Prime, fans have been treated to their first glimpse at the historical drama’s upcoming sequel, Vikings: Valhalla. However, the new behind-the-scenes footage from Netflix suggests a number of heroes will fall as early as the first season.

The age of Vikings could be coming to an end in the very first season of Vikings: Valhalla.

Swapping over to streaming service Netflix, the new spin-off will detail the adventures of Leif Eriksson (Sam Corlett) and others a century after the events of the original series.

Although only one instalment of the sequel has been confirmed so far, fans of the first six seasons are hoping the new story will continue well into the future.

However, it appears the epic new series could already be laying the groundwork for the destruction of the Vikings.

Some history buffs have scoured the new on-set footage and may have spied a major, cataclysmic event from the Vikings timeline.

The new spin-off will feature several large scale battles, and multiple sets have been built to contain the action.

A timelapse in the new footage has revealed that a massive bridge set has been constructed, which could set the stage for several key moments in the series.

When the new video was posted, one viewer speculated the glimpses of the bridge and battle sequences could refer to a decisive event in Vikings history.

They took to Reddit to speculate: “Looks pretty good, looks like we’ll get the battle on Stamford bridge.”

Taking place in 1066, The Battle of Stamford Bridge is often pointed to by historians as symbolising the end of the Vikings era.

The skirmish raged between King Harold II’s army and a swarm of invading Norwegians led by King Harald Hardrada.

King Harold, the English king, had also previously exiled his own brother, Tostig Godwinson, who joined forces with the Vikings.

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While some Scandinavian campaigns surfaced later in the 11th and 12th centuries, the bloody battle effectively brought an end to the Vikings’ supremacy across Europe.

As the events of Vikings ended roughly in the late-9th to early-10th centuries, the timeline of the upcoming spin-off would place the action near the end of the Vikings’ reign.

Indeed, the cast list for Vikings: Valhalla has confirmed the Scandinavian king Harald will play a major role in the series, portrayed by Leo Suter.

Even so, other fans remain unconvinced that such a major event would take place in the very first season of the next chapter of the Vikings story.

Another fan argued: “I don’t think we get this battle so early in the series. Because the battle of Stamford Bridge is the end for the Vikings.”

But, as the original commenter pointed out: “Mmm true but who knows how accurate this show will be.”

Original showrunner Michael Hirst often shuffled up historical events in order to build a more satisfying narrative.

While Hirst isn’t on board as the writer of this show, Valhalla could follow a similar trajectory and introduce the Battle of Stamford Bridge much earlier than expected.

Vikings seasons 1-6 are available to stream on Amazon Prime Video.

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