'Vikings': What Do Fans Really Think of Ragnar Lothbrok's Greatest Friend?

In the history of Vikings, fans have seen a number of strong and important friendships, but the greatest of those is arguably the friendship between Ragnar Lothbrok (Travis Fimmel) and Athelstan (George Blagden). They meet and are instantly drawn to each other. Read on to learn what fans think of Ragnar’s greatest friend.

Athelstan meets Ragnar and becomes a part of the family

Ragnar changes everything when he sails over to England and lands near Lindisfarne. He organizes the first-ever raid on England where he meets Athelstan, who is a monk at Lindisfarne. Ragnar takes Athelstan initially as a slave, but he quickly realizes who Athelstan is.

Ragnar chooses to take Athelstan to live with his family andthey become best friends that are more like brothers. After that, it’s hard toseparate them from each other. They raid together and Athelstan even teachesRagnar how to speak his language, which comes in handy later on.

What do fans really think of Ragnar Lothbrok’s greatest friend?

Even though Athelstan meets his end in season 3 at the handsof Floki (Gustaf Skarsgård), fans still talk about him and his friendship withRagnar. Athelstan brings out something great in Ragnar, and it’s interesting tosee Athelstan grow into the person he becomes.

“A character I personally liked but sad about the way he left the show,” a Reddit user said about Athelstan. “My favorite scenes with him included Ragnar. Just seeing the trust Ragnar had for him and how he opened up to Athelstan about his feelings was nice to see. I also really enjoyed the progression from a scared English monk to a Viking warrior.”

Ragnar and Athelstan’s relationship is ‘the heart of the show’

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Athelstan changes Ragnar and after his death, Ragnar is never the same. Athelstan seemed to bring out the good in Ragnar and they are the greatest of friends. It was nice to see two people that are so different get along so well with each other. They learned a lot from their friendship and neither is ever the same after they meet.

“In some ways the moral center of the show,” a fan saidabout Athelstan. “His relationship with Ragnar was the heart of the show andwhen that disappeared it really hurt the show imo. Ragnar never really recoveredfrom it as well.”

Fans like how Athelstan develops over the series

Athelstan goes from a monk to a Viking warrior and it’s a crazy turn of events. He becomes immersed in the Viking culture and customs and he accepts it as his own. He becomes Ragnar’s brother and they share their innermost thoughts together. Athelstan even chooses to leave Judith (Jennie Jacques) after falling for her to return to Kattegat with Ragnar.

“I like how his character developed. He came to Kattegat asa slave, and ended up as one of the most important people in Ragnar’s life,” afan wrote.

Athelstan is always open to new ideas and to new religions. He sees different points of view and even after he dies, his influence lives on in many of the characters, especially with Ragnar.

“Easily the best character for me. He accepted many pointsof view, and was open to other religions,” a Reddit user said. “He was easilythe hardest death for me, but I’m glad that his character still had influencelong after he died.”

Athelstan goes through a number of changes and ends upfinding his way back to his original religion of Christianity after so manyyears living amongst the Vikings “He changed quite a bit in the course of theshow. Full circle,” a fan wrote.

Athelstan is a unique character in the hit series Vikings.Fans still praise him long after his death.

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