Watch the Stars of ‘Tenet’ Leap Tall Buildings

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In addition to its time-bending spectacle, “Tenet” manages to find room to spring its lead characters up the side of a tower.

One early scene in the globe-trotting movie (now available on digital and Blu-ray) finds its protagonist (John David Washington) in Mumbai on a mission with his partner (Robert Pattinson). The two are breaking into a high-rise mansion to get information from a resident (Denzil Smith). They fashion an elaborate rope-and-pulley system that helps launch them into the air, using momentum to essentially hop up the side of the building.

Nolan shot the scene with an initial launch of the actors, then a cut to stunt doubles who executed the building leap for real. He said the aerials are among the first that any film company has been allowed to shoot in Mumbai. He explains more in this video, as he discusses working with the Bollywood film star Dimple Kapadia and using local crew.

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