Westworld’s Ed Harris slams Man In Black’s ‘joyless’ story line in season 3 after harrowing asylum scenes – The Sun

THE Man In Black is finally getting his comeuppance in season 3 of Westworld.

In the latest episode, fans saw the villain, played by Ed Harris, institutionalised after being set up by Dolores (Evan Rachel Wood).

In true dastardly style, he was show derailing a group therapy session, before the facility was thrown into chaos by the Delos hack.

Dolores ensured that the company’s personal profiles on every citizen were released to the public, with predictions about relationships, deaths and mental health all laid bare.

The Man in Black, AKA William, finally opened up about gunning down his daughter, only to realise his psychiatrist had been distracted by her own bleak profile.

She subsequently hung herself in shocking scenes, while Williams was dragged away for another group therapy session – this one with virtual versions of himself from over the years.

After some back and forth, William ended up battering the various versions of himself to death.

However, in a candid interview with Vulture, Harris admitted he wasn’t exactly enthused by his character’s recent developments.

“You do what you gotta do – I mean, I signed on to play the Man in Black. I didn’t sign on to play the Man in White,” he began.

“So, it wasn’t the most joyous season for me, I gotta say.”

He also complained about being left in the dark when it comes to his character’s future, as show bosses keep scripts close to their chest until the last possible moment.

This means the actors largely have no idea what’s in store for their characters  and so are unable to keep the bigger picture in mind.

“[The showrunners] pretty much leave it up in the air,” he said, referring to Jonathan Nolan and Lisa Joy,” he went on.

“Being a person who enjoys doing theatre and making it new and fresh every night, I’d just as soon know the full arc of my character. But, unfortunately, I do not.”

On a more positive note, he did say he enjoyed working with Jimmi Simpson again, who plays the younger version of his character.

“It was fun to actually get a chance to work with him a little bit, even if it was a little bizarre,” he said.

Westworld continues on Sundays in the US on HBO and Mondays in the UK on FOX.

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