What Manzo Brothers From RHONJ Do For A Living Today

Calling all Manzo’d With Children fans: Chris and Albie Manzo are still on the market! The job market, that is. The fan favorite brother duo are crushing it in the New Jersey private sector post-reality TV fame with their respective business ventures. 

Audiences first fell for the snarky bros during The Real Housewives of New Jersey, on which their mother Caroline Manzo was a Housewife. It quickly became a family affair was aunt Dina Manzo joined the cast, and their sister Lauren Manzo also got plenty of screen time. From their LOL business pursuits (anyone else remember blk water aka black water, that they swore was safe to drink?) to their constant quips over each others’ mama’s boy statuses, the Manzo brothers were scene-stealers in their own right. While blk water ended in a lawsuit according to Bustle, the hard-working bros kept up their resumes with new ventures. Albie and Chris landed their own web series Boys to Manzo in 2011, and stepped away from reality TV fame only a few years later after Manzo’d With Children ended. 

So what are they up to today? Keep scrolling to find out! 

Chris and Albie Manzo are both entrepreneurs in New Jersey

The Garden State better watch out because Chris and Albie Manzo are ready to own NJ with their various local businesses! As of July 2020, the Manzo brothers are partnering with the Berkeley Oceanfront hotel in Asbury Park to renovate the resort, as reported by Page Six. Aside from their Jersey Shore pursuits, Chris owns Hoboken-based Tenth Street Pizza after being inspired from working in the Manzo family’s food hall The Brownstone. Chris told Bravo’s The Daily Dish that he “just always found myself coming back to the restaurant business because I grew up in it.” Makes sense!

Albie has set his sights on floral arrangements, running Bloom & Birch which specializes in bouquets that last all year. “After the flowers are fresh-cut from our farms, they immediately go through our hydro-preservation process,” the company website reads. “The blooms are preserved then re-hydrated through their stem with our proprietary biodegradable plant based solution…The flowers will have an appearance of being freshly cut for over one year. In reality, they will still look beautiful for up to 3 years.” Albie also hosts podcast advice series Dear Albie. 

It seems like the Manzo men have found success away from the reality TV cameras!

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