Wheel of Fortunes Pat Sajak calls out contestant after rule break

Wheel of Fortune: Pat tells off over-eager contestant

Tuesday’s instalment of the Wheel of Fortune, saw Teresa go up against Dirk and Naomi as they battled it out to take home a huge cash prize.

Things were going smoothly before one of the contestants, Dirk, attempted to spin the wheel before host, Pat Sajak, announced the next puzzle.

But before Dirk could even begin to spin the iconic wheel, Sajak pleaded: “Oh don’t spin just yet!” as his hand jutted into the frame to stop him.

Sajak then hilariously turned to the camera staring in silence, before he got his chance to introduce the next puzzle.

After Sajak’s co-host, Vanna White, showed the puzzle, which was ironically called What Are You Doing, Dirk got his chance to finally spin the wheel as the audience cheered behind the camera.

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It appeared some Wheel of Fortune viewers spotted Dirk’s rule break.

Taking to Twitter, fan @SimchaG wrote: “Someone on Wheel of Fortune almost spun the wheel before the puzzle was even up! #WheelOfFortune.”

While another viewer also called out Dirk claiming that “you have to learn to wait” when it comes to playing the long-running game show.

@BrujaKitchen’s tweet read: “Everything has it’s time + the wheel of fortune is always turning. You have to learn how to wait.”

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Dirk revealed during his interview segment that he has built an almost exact model of the show’s famous wheel in his garage.

“You built a Wheel of Fortune in your garage?” Sajak asked with an amazed expression.

“I built a wheel close to this side and practised and played games,” Dirk confirmed, to which Sajak quipped: “You owe us $1,200.”

A clip then played, showing Dirk at home practising spinning tactics with his homemade wheel.

The show also experienced another show first on Tuesday, when a special guest was introduced to fans.

Sajak’s daughter, Maggie, who is the show’s Social Correspondent, bought her dog Jak on set.

After the show aired the hosts and Jak posed for a sweet snap, which was later posted to the Wheel of Fortune’s social media.

The Wheel of Fortune airs on ABC in the US.

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