When does Hollyoaks go off air and what storylines to watch out for when new episodes resume?

HOLLYOAKS fans are buzzing as the soap has returned to filming after it was delayed due to the coronavirus pandemic.

As the cast have now started shooting new episodes, we will look at which storylines will garner the most attention on its return.

When does Hollyoaks go off air?

Hollyoaks will air its final new episode on Monday 20th July on E4 before taking a break until September.

The Channel 4 soap will run out of fully completed episodes this coming Monday (July 20).

When the soap returns in September it will broadcast new episodes four nights a week – an increase on the current two.

Production resumed with increased health and safety checks taking place to ensure everyone’s safety on the set.

What storylines to watch out for when new episodes resume?

Warren and Felix

The childhood enemies have re-united with Felix Westwood now living in the Hollyoaks village.

Warren was furious when he first saw Felix turn up, but it wasn't until last week that we knew why, as the bad boy revealed he used to get bullied and beaten up by Felix in the care home they lived in as kids.

He would find out why Felix used to do this after he confronted the newcomer and he said he was abused by Warren's mentor at the time, Cormack, because he was black.

He would tell Broady, who had suffered abuse himself and reported Cormack to the police, despite Felix wanting it to stay private. When the soap returns in September, will Cormack be brought to justice?

Leila, Perri and Jordan love triangle

Viewers have been left horrified after drug dealer Jordan played by Connor Calland, charmed his way into both of the mother and daughter duo's beds, two-timing them both.

Jordan left Peri devastated when he brutally dumped her last month after moving into their family home because he needed a place to stay.

With Leela unaware of what went on between them, he quickly turned his attention to her – under the promise of keeping their romance a secret.

However, a recent Hollyoaks episode saw cruel Jordan tell Peri that he still had feelings for her in a desperate bid to stop her from telling her mum about a stash of his drugs that she discovered.

She ended up sleeping with her former flame – unaware that he is also sleeping with her mother, Leela, in secret.

Will Jordan continue to play his dangerous game or will he eventually come unstuck?

Brody tries to tackle his own demons

In next week's final episode, Brody Hudson will have a showdown with his abuser Buster Smith in prison next week.

Brody was sexually abused by Buster when he was a child and learning of Felix's abuse triggered his own experience.

Brody decides to visit his abuser Buster in prison, but is left reeling when he learns Buster has refused his request for a prison visit.

After psyching himself up for the visit, Brody has been left deflated.

After the break, will he try to visit Buster again and seek the closure he nver truly got?


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