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MASTERCHEF is back for a new sizzling series and the contestants have not disappointed.

For the 2020 show judges Gregg Wallace and John Torode take 60 brand new contestants on a culinary journey to find a winner and we have all the details you need to know.

When is MasterChef 2020 next on BBC One?

MasterChef 2020 continues tonight (April 1) at 8pm.

This is the 16th series of the show.

It is made up of 24 episodes.

The series runs for eight weeks and if you miss any episodes then you can catch them on BBC iPlayer.

Who are the MasterChef 2020 judges?

The MasterChef 2020 judges will be John Torode and Gregg Wallace.

The pair have fronted the show together since 2005.

Gregg, 55, also appears on the panel of MasterChef: The Professionals and Celebrity MasterChef.

John, 54, has starred in both the British and Australian versions of the show.

Who are the contestants on MasterChef 2020?

The batch of 60 new contestants range from a cattle farmer and hairdresser to a music festival producer and an architect – all hoping to win the MasterChef 2020 trophy.

Those taking part must be over 18 and amateur chefs who are passionate about cooking.

The participants will have to impress the judges in order to keep their place in the competition and the right to wear a coveted MasterChef apron.

The 2019 winner was 61 year old Irini Tzortzoglou from Greece who said her favourite moments on the show were "always seeing the pleasure in diners' eyes".

She added: "I think the opinion of Gregg and John mattered every time, but I loved getting feedback from visiting chefs."

Previous winners of the cooking show have gone on to write books, secure publishing deals and open up their very own restaurants.

How does MasterChef 2020 work?

Each episode of MasterChef 2020 will see contestants put through their paces with a different task to complete.

The series kicks off with the heats which run over five weeks.

Each week six contestants will cook their signature dish for the judges, the top two then earning a MasterChef apron and a place in the next round.

The remaining four will then face the Three Ingredients Challenge where judges see them create a dish using only squid, courgette and chilli.

Just two will earn their aprons and go through to the next task.

The remaining successful foursome will cook a two course meal for John and Gregg's guests.

The guests' favourite will go through to the quarter final with John and Gregg choosing the other.

Each quarter final over the five weeks will see the contestants cooking again in a bid to earn a place in the knockout stage, where they will be working in a professional kitchen.

Ten contestants will progress to the cook-off stage, with nine claiming a place in the semi-finals.

The nine are then split into three teams cooking for over 100 on HMS Diamond. Two will be eliminated after.

The remaining seven will recreate dishes by Michelin Star chef Tom Kitchin before two more get the chop.

The last semi-final step is the Critic's Table with the top four going into the final and a cooking challenge overseas in the sun-kissed island of Mauritius.

Only three will make it through to the final cook-off and the chance to be crowned MasterChef 2020.

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