Where is Viewpoint on ITV filmed? Where is it set?

Viewpoint: Noel Clarke stars in ITV teaser

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Viewpoint starts tonight (Monday, April 26) at 9pm on ITV and viewers want to know everything about the gripping new series which will air every night this week. The cast of Viewpoint spoke to Express.co.uk and other press about filming the five-part series in 2020 and what it was like to enter the surveillance world.

Where is Viewpoint set?

Viewpoint on ITV is set in Manchester’s City Centre in the present day.

The series follows the fictional story of a police surveillance investigation into a tightly knit Manchester community.

Much of the drama surrounds DC Martin Young (played by Noel Clarke), who has been tasked with watching murder suspect Greg Sullivan (Fehinti Balogun) in the flat of Zoe Sterling (Alexandra Roach).

Zoe’s flat is situated in set in fictional Westbury Square in Manchester.

Originally, the drama was not supposed to be set in Manchester.

Director Ashley Way revealed to Express.co.uk and other press: “In its original conception, the idea was for one of those squares you see in London, you know, with the sort of the park in the middle, and the housing all around, and you can look in the window at one opposite; and that doesn’t really exist in Manchester, which was really getting in the way.”

He added: “We were looking for something [that] was really unusual, but very cinematic, something with this great aesthetic, and we stumbled upon this beautiful Georgian Street, which had these great big windows we could look into, and just felt cinematic, the whole thing.

“When we looked at the dramas and films that use this kind of observational style, like Rear Window and so on, we were very clear that we needed these cinematic views, [a] very cinematic location, and that’s what we went after.”

The series comes from Fleabag director Harry Bradbeer and was written by award-winning writer Ed Whitmore.

Viewpoint is not a true story but is loosely inspired by real events experienced by creator Harry Bradbeer.

Bradbeer’s neighbour had a plainclothes police officer ask if they could use her spare room for surveillance of the neighbourhood.

His neighbour soon worked out the police were looking into drug dealing in the area and the house opposite was the focus of their investigation.

Speaking to Express.co.uk and other press, Viewpoint writer Ed Whitmore said: “The idea came from director Harry Bradbeer who is our executive producer and he had known somebody who has been approached by the police to use their flat for surveillance purposes to watch people who were suspected of drug dealing in Islington I believe.

“He just thought it was an inherently interesting relationship.

“You’ve got somebody who is at work but is in a domestic residence with a stranger so you’ve got this immediately interesting context, a sort of juxtaposition of the personal and the professional.

“You can tell a crime story through that lens and you can have two planes of action. You have the place you are being observed from and then you have the suspect’s location you are watching.”

Where is Viewpoint filmed?

Viewpoint was mainly filmed on location in Manchester during 2020.

The series was the first ITV drama to start filming after the first lockdown due to Coronavirus.

The majority of the filming took place in Manchester’s Northern Quarter.

Manchester residents may recognise Manchester Town Hall, Lloyd Street and Central Street in the drama series.

Zoe’s flat in Westbury Square is located on St John Street in the city centre.

Speaking about setting and filming the drama in Manchester, Way said: “What was really key and central was that we created this sense of community.

“There are many different characters of certain social backgrounds in this story so what was important was that we found a street and a location that could tell all of those stories in the one place.

“We have this ornate Georgian Street where some of the houses are single dwellings, some are split into flats and so you have that idea that gave us a really wonderful, creative, storytelling ability then to differentiate and to really show who all our characters were with the way we dressed the sets and so on.

“It was a challenge but really really interesting.”

Viewpoints airs every night this week (Monday, April 26 – Friday, April 30) at 9pm on ITV

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