Which 'Work It' Cast Members Were 'Most Likely to Be Hanging Out Between Scenes'?

Work It, the 2020 dance film, is like Pitch Perfect meets Step Up. The Netflix movie stars many up and coming celebrities, including Girl Meets World alum Sabrina Carpenter and YouTube star Liza Koshy. Which of the cast members on Work It became closest on the film set?

‘Work It’ actors Sabrina Carpenter, Liza Koshy, and Jordan Fisher reflect on shooting the dance movie

Liza Koshy, Jordan Fisher, Sabrina Carpenter, and Keiynan Lonsdale — the stars of Netflix’s Work It — recently filmed “Who’s Who?” segment for BuzzFeed Celeb.

One of the questions the actors encountered during the YouTube game: “Which two cast members are most likely to be hanging out between scenes?”

“We all know the answer to this,” Fisher said, pointing to Carpenter and Koshy.

“It’s Sabrina and Liza,” the actor shared. “Period.”

“There was a lot of quality Jas-Quinn time,” Carpenter agreed, referring to their characters’ names in the Netflix movie. The two Work It stars spent a lot of time together between takes.

“I love her with all my heart,” Carpenter gushed about Koshy. However, she does wish she had more time filming Work It with the other cast members — especially Lonsdale.

Carpenter continued that outside of Koshy, she spent most of her time shooting Work It with her fellow team members on “TBD,” because the dancers had a lot of choreography to learn and shoot.

Carpenter had to train to join the movie cast

As Rolling Stone reported recently, Carpenter had to get back in shape to film Work It. The singer has dance experience, but it had been a long time since formal training for the Work It star.

“The main challenge in playing the role of Quinn was not only getting her strength back up for the choreography — she says she hadn’t stretched properly for dance in seven years — but also learning how to dance badly for the first half of the film,” the magazine wrote of Carpenter’s preparation for Work It.

“[I was] in my body for the end of the movie and … completely out of my body for the first half of it,” Carpenter explained of the challenge she faced to the Rolling Stone. “So that was fun.”

‘Work It’ cast members talk learning the dance moves for the Netflix film

In the BuzzFeed video, Carpenter also admits to being the most likely cast member in this question:

“Who forgot their choreography mid-routine?”

“I would say me,” Carpenter said. But part of the “forgetting” was actual intentional on behalf of the Work It actor.

“… I will say that for this movie specifically, I often did not fully learn the routines,” Carpenter revealed. “But it was on purpose, so I didn’t always know exactly what I was doing. That was a sure way to look terrible,” Carpenter continued.

Her fellow Work It co-star Lonsdale gave Carpenter props for pulling off “bad dancing” — when the actor has years of experience in the craft.

“I think it’s a real skill,” he told Carpenter in the clip.

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