White Lines ending explained: Who killed Axel Collins?

IBIZA crime drama White Lines has been entertaining viewers during lockdown, with a binge-worthy first series filled with sex parties, murder and epic car chases.

By the end of season one of the Netflix series, fans discovered who was responsible for DJ Axel Collin's death, but the ending teased more to come…

White Lines ending explained

The ten-part series follows the investigation into the death of legendary DJ Axel Collins (Tom Rhys Harries), who went missing one summer in Ibiza and his body discovered 20 years later.

Axel's sister Zoe (Laura Haddock) flies out to uncover the mystery of what happened to him and viewers are taken along for the thrilling ride through a world of dance clubs, sex parties, lies and cover-ups.

The first season ends with a clear answer to who did it and fans discover that ex-wife of a drug dealer and sex party organiser Anna (Angela Griffen) is responsible for Axel's death.

At the end of White Lines viewers are shown flashback scenes to Axel's big birthday party and the night he was killed – revealing what actually happened on the fateful evening.

Axel became paranoid that his friends had lost their way and only cared about power and money instead of the music – so he sets fire to all their cash.

Furious at Axel's actions, Anna – who was sleeping with the DJ behind best friend Marcus' back – confronts him about his betrayal.

As the pair exchange heated words in a secluded area of the party, Axel takes a line of cocaine and begins to choke, bleeding from his nose.

Rather than help him, Anna pushes Axel under the water until he drowns.

When the scenes switch back to present day – Anna confesses to Zoe that she didn't do it because of the money but rather because she was scared Marcus would find out about her infidelity.

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Back to the birthday party and Marcus approaches the scene to find Anna screaming for help and Axel floating in the water.

Marcus dives in to try and save him, but it appears to be too late. In a panic, the couple put Axel into the boot of their car and attempt to dispose of the body.

Marcus pulls over to question Anna about what really happened, when Axel starts banging from inside the boot, and manages to climb out.

Coughing up water and blood, he crawls along the road away from the car. Anna then worries that she'd go to prison, so Marcus runs over Axel.

Still not dead, Anna gets out of the car to deal the final blow.

Marcus eventually finds out that his ex-wife Anna had cheated on him andthat she manipulated him into helping her cover up the murder.

Even though Zoe finally gets the answers that she'd been searching for – there still seems to be plenty left unanswered – setting the perfect scene for season two…

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