Who are RHOBH star Lisa Rinna's daughters?

REAL Housewives of Beverly Hills’ Lisa Rinna is married and has two daughters, Amelia and Delilah Belle Hamlin.

Lisa recently opened up about her 19-year-old daughter Amelia dating reality TV star Scott Disick, who is nearly twice her age. 

Who are Lisa Rinna's daughters? 

Lisa Rinna's daughters, Amelia and Delilah Hamlin are both models and influencers on social media. 

Amelia is a model signed to Women 360 Management in New York and also attends college.

They both make frequent appearances on RHOBH because her mom is a cast member.

In the show, Amelia opened up about her eating disorder and how it affected her life drastically, as many cast members slammed her mother for being insensitive to Amelia’s problem and posting her slim figure on Instagram.

Amelia recently confessed to the Skinny Confidential podcast that seeking treatment for her eating disorder “saved her life” after being told she would be “dead in four months.”

“I think the most important thing is you need to want to get better. And I know that this is a difficult one because a lot of people probably don’t and it’s really hard,” she said. 

“[One day] I woke up looking in the mirror and being like, ‘Holy guacamole, you are really skinny and it is very scary.’”

Similarly, her sister Delilah also sought treatment for depression and anxiety last year. 

She had moved to New York City to pursue an education at New York University but claimed to have been experiencing “terrible depression” while being trapped in what she says was a “severely unhealthy relationship.”

Delilah shared about her journey to wellness on Instagram in hopes to help any of her followers who were dealing with the same battles she was.

Who is Amelia dating? 

Amelia and Scott Disick, 37, were spotted numerous times together since October 31.

They were first seen attending a Halloween party and just days later, paparazzi spotted them on a dinner date. 

On Monday, Scott and Amelia were seen at a Malibu beach hugging and enjoying a walk near the shore.

Rumor has it that Amelia once attended a fashion launch event to support Scott’s ex, Sofia Richie back when they were still dating and that is where Amelia met him.

What has Lisa said about her daughter and Scott Disick? 

Lisa and her husband Harry Hamlin are apparently less than impressed that Amelia is dating Scott.

The parents "believe this is just a phase," an insider told E! News, adding,  "Lisa's Real Housewives of Beverly Hills costars' eyebrows are definitely raised."

"Harry and Lisa were sad to see Amelia and Mercer Wiederhorn [her ex] split because they loved Mercer.

"He was like family, but they understand."

Amelia and Mercer began dating in the summer of 2019 and ended things earlier this year.

Before she started dating Scott, Amelia ripped into teens who "date 35-year-olds" in an unearthed RHOBH clip.

Additionally, TV talk show host Wendy Williams has branded Scott and Amelia’s relationship as “inappropriate” due to their age difference, claiming that “a guy that old shouldn't even be friends with a girl that young.”

Who else did Scott date?

Prior to dating Amelia, Scott was spotted with 24-year-old model and YouTuber Bella Banos.

He was also linked to Sofia Richie, 22, for three years but officially ended things this summer.

A source told E! News that Sofia and Scott were not on speaking terms and were “over for good.”

"They have been off and on for two months," the insider told E!. 

"Sofia really pushed to make things work between them after they initially broke up, but Scott officially called it off recently and they are no longer speaking."

The source added: "Friends attributed their 15-year age difference becoming an issue." 

"He's in a very much different place in his life, really focused on a more quiet lifestyle, his kids and his investment businesses. And Sofia, at 21 years, really still trying to figure what she wants to do which drove them apart over time."

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