Who Are the Timekeepers and What Could Their Comic History Mean for 'Loki'?

Mobius M. Mobius and the TVA

In the comics, it turns out Mobius is one of several clones, all of whom work for the TVA and go by different names, like Mr. Orobourous, Mr. Paradox, and — ahem — Mr. Tesseract. Here’s how he explains the TVA to Loki in the show:

Heroes Reborn?

Avengers Forever

Timekeepers or Time-Twisters?

Beyond Loki, the prospect of chewing scenery as a colorful Bad Avenger could be a way for Marvel Studios to entice back certain actors who might otherwise feel ready to move on from the MCU. Conversely, the concept of alternate realities would free Marvel up to start casting new actors as different versions of beloved characters. We know a Multiverse of Madness is coming with the next Doctor Strange movie. Imagine seeing some of your favorite heroes return as villainous versions of themselves.

Ravonna, Kang the Conqueror, and Immortus

Scarlet Witch, the Whisperer, and What If?

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