Who is Aaron Clancy from The Bachelorette?

THE BACHELORETTE is kicking off its new season on June 7, 2021 — and fans are curious to see which hotties are vying for Katie Thurston's heart.

But information about this batch of hunks is hard to come by — especially in the case of Aaron Clancy, who is perhaps one of the most private contestants.


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Who is Aaron Clancy?

26-year-old Aaron is a native of Walnut Creek, California.

While little is known about his early life, what is known is that he is definitely a fan of swimming.

From 2012 to 2013, he was on the Mount St. Antonio College swim team, per his official profile on the college's site.

Then, in 2015, Aaron transferred to UC San Diego, where he once again joined the swim team.

While in college, he majored in International Studies.

What does Aaron Clancy do?

One of the first questions that any fan of The Bachelorette asks is, "what do these guys do?"

And Aaron is no different.

But unlike many contestants who are aspiring actors, models, and Instagram influencers, Aaron is an account executive at a company called HealthIQ.

He's been working at the company since 2019.

Prior to working at HealthIQ, Aaron worked in a gym for two years.

And before that, he was — what else? — a swim coach, a lifeguard, and a swimming instructor.

What else do we know about Aaron?

Based on what we've already uncovered, what we know about Aaron is that he likes swimming.

But we also know, based on his college profiles, that his favorite movie is the film "Pacific Rim."

Aaron also says he's a fan of In-N-Out Burgers — as any self-respecting Southern Californian would be — and that he enjoys a close relationship with his parents.

But other than that, he's a bit of a mystery.

For one thing, Aaron Clancy's Facebook page appears to be deactivated.

So there can be very little else gleaned about this handsome Bachelorette contestant.

But we're definitely going to learn more about him in this upcoming season.

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