Who is Dominic West's wife Catherine FitzGerald and how old is she?

CATHERINE FitzGerald is the aristocratic heiress married to The Affair actor Dominic West.

However her actor husband, has been spotted smooching his co-star Lily James in Rome.

Who is Dominic West's wife Catherine FitzGerald?

Catherine Celinda Leopoldine FitzGerald, 49, is a member of the Irish aristocratic dynasty.

Her father, Desmond FitzGerald, was the last Knight of Glin – an Irish hereditary title.

The royal descendent now works as a landscape designer and gardener in Ireland and the UK.

She runs a garden design company with famed landscape architect Mark Lutyens and the duo have redesigned the gardens at Hillsborough Castle, the family's home in Northern Ireland.

In 2019, Catherine and her husband Dominic bought Glin Castle, their 14th century ancestral home, to rescue it from being sold on.

Together, they have renovated the ancient castle and it has been rented out by superstar guests, including Taylor Swift and Mick Jagger.

Catherine andDominic met when they were both undergraduates at Trinity College Dublin at the same time.

Catherine told the Belfast Telegraph: "We went out together for six months, and we had great fun. He actually came to my 21st [in Northern Ireland], then he left and we split up.

"Our best friend was also at Trinity with us. We all went on to have separate lives, but were linked through our best friend, Dominic Geraghty, also an actor.

"And I went to Wisley, and did all this garden stuff and retrained. Then, when Dominic was doing The Wire, we met again through our friend Dominic (Geraghty); I was 32 then. I feel so lucky."

FitzGerald was previously married to Viscount Lambton, the 7th Earl of Durham, in 1995, but the pair divorced in 2002 before she rekindled her romance with West.

Do Dominic West and Catherine FitzGerald have children?

Yes, the pair tied the knot in June 2010 and now have four children together.

Dominic has a daughter with a friend of Catherine's, Polly Astor, from before the couple got back together.

Dominic and Catherine now have four children of their own – Dora (13), Senan (10), Francis (9), and Christabel (5). 

The family chose to raise their children in Glin, Limerick.

Dominic said: "My children are surrounded by Irish wit and humanity.

"They have a far broader existence than they would anywhere else in the world."

Are Dominic and Catherine still together?

On October 12, 2020, pictures emerged of Dominic kissing his co-star Lily James very publicly during a romantic trip to Rome.

He was spotted stroking Lily's hair and cuddling up close with the star as they got lunch together.

However, on October 13, 2020, Dominic and Catherine issued a statement saying their "marriage was strong".

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