Why has Hamish Gaman quit Dancing On Ice and who will replace him?

HAMISH Gaman has now quit this year's Dancing On Ice.

This comes after the news that he sustained an injury.

Why has Hamish Gaman quit Dancing On Ice?

Hamish Gaman is a professional skater on the show who had been partnered up with Faye Brooks.

He is just the latest star from the show who's had to withdraw from the series. Other stars have quit due to injuries and coronavirus diagnoses.

A spokesperson from the show released this statement: "Sadly we can confirm that Hamish Gaman, who has been partnered with Faye Brookes, has had to withdraw from the competition.

"We thank him for all his hard work and wish him the very best as he takes some time out to allow his injury to fully heal."

A few days prior, he had injured his hand off the ice while trying to remove a sock.

This meant his last dance with Faye saw a last minute change in routine as he was signed off as being allowed to safely skate.

But since then, he's been advised to take time away from the ice to avoid any risk of his injury becoming long term.

Faye will continue on in the competition.

Speaking on Heat Radio on February 15, he said: "Unfortunately I'm in a situation where I may have to withdraw if I need surgery. I would be heartbroken, Faye has worked so hard.

"Faye wasn't fully aware but I've snapped a tendon in my hand, and I was advised before the show – basically, it was on Friday when I did it – that I'm putting my finger at risk for the rest of my life here.

"But it's one of those scenarios where there was a lot of people dropping out of the show, and I love this show so much, and I didn't want to let the team down.

"So we've got our incredible medical team here… [who] strapped up my hand so I could get through the show."

Who will replace Hamish Gaman on the show?

Faye will continue to dance with Matt Evers in future episodes.

Matt is a professional ice skater who's already a regular dancer on the show.

Who was Matt Evers partnered with before?

Matt Evers appeared in the series earlier with Denise Van Outen.

Due to an injury during training, she had to pull out of the show.

He made history on Dancing On Ice by being the first man to dance in a same sex couple with Ian "H" Watkins in 2019.

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