Why Himesh Patel should be your new favourite leading man

EastEnders fans will instantly recognise Himesh Patel, star of BBC One’s new drama The Luminaries, from his role as the shy and clever Tamwar Masood.

From his geeky jumpers to his sarcasm, the long-suffering Masood son quickly became a fan favourite, with his relationship with polar opposite girlfriend Nancy Carter only cementing that fact.

And who can forget that moving speech Tamwar gave about Islam in 2015, which was particularly – although unintentionally – poignant as it aired in the wake of the terror attack in Paris. It was delivered beautifully by the actor.

The soap showed the beginnings of Himesh’s acting chops as he was able to disappear into the character so completely that it’s hard to imagine anyone else playing Tamwar.

The actor left EastEnders in 2016, going on to have a starring role in Richard Curtis comedy Yesterday in 2019 and appearing in TV series Avenue 5.

The Luminaries, based on Eleanor Catton’s 2013 novel, is set in New Zealand and follows a cast of characters with mysterious pasts against the backdrop of the 1860s goldrush.

Framed as a love story, we see Himesh as a romantic lead once more as Emery meets Anna Wetherell (Eve Hewson) on a ship where they share a brief flirtation before parting, making plans to meet again.

The first impression of Emery shows Himesh, 28, can play smooth and not just the awkward everyman. Charming and capable, there’s a sense that Emery won’t be bumbling his way through this tale as perhaps Tamwar would.

It’s refreshing to see the actor playing it straight. It’s a revelation similar to witnessing Martin Freeman in Sherlock.

Even with a small amount of scenes in the first episode Emery is likeable and we care about what happens to him, and that is down to Himesh’s natural, warm energy. Which is lucky, as The Luminaries, admittedly, takes a while to get going.

The Luminaries continues Monday at 9pm on BBC One.

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