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ITV'S Isolation Stories has been a hit with viewers who have taken to social media to express their love of show.

The bitesize episodes – which are 15 minutes long each – have left fans hungry for more.

Will Isolation Stories return for series 2?

Currently this hasn't been confirmed or denied.

Social distancing measures have changed the way TV shows can now be filmed.

If there is a second series it could pick up where the characters left off, meaning there would be the same cast, or it could start with fresh stories.

The unique series has been left open ended.

What happened in Isolation Stories?

Isolation Stories was created during lockdown – it was cast, directed and film remotely.

Tonight (May 7) ITV will be airing Isolation Stories: Behind The Scenes to show how they did it.

Episode 1

The first episode kicked off with Sheridan Smith playing Mel, a heavily pregnant woman having to go it alone as the father of the child is married.

After filming videos where she honestly speaks about not wanting her baby, she accidentally sends one to a stranger who calls her back.

The call lifts her spirits and makes her feel less alone.

By the end she's calmer and feeling more positive about the world.

Episode 2

This episode focuses on Ron who is ill with coronavirus and is confused about his whereabouts and situation.

He lives with his son and feels trapped.

Old family wounds are opened as they're forced to spend all day together.

As the episode progresses, the son Russell becomes increasingly frantic.

Episode 3

Last night's episode saw Mike who is a paranoid, self-conscious hypochondriac.

As his worst fears come true and he panics about catching the virus from the air.

It's up to his psychiatrist to calm him down, but as the episode progresses the tables start to turn.

Episode 4

The final episode will air tonight. A grandad stops off outside his grandkids' window every day but his son-in-law, still hurting after being left by his wife, does not welcome these daily visits.

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