Will Mare of Easttown return for season 2?

SEASON one of Mare of Easttown has drawn to a close with fans finally finding out who murdered Erin McMenamin.

The HBO & Sky Atlantic crime drama came to a gripping end and viewers are already begging for more. Get the lowdown on the shows second season, and the fantastic finale of episode seven here- but beware of spoilers below!

Will Mare of Easttown return for season 2?

Season one managed to impress viewers with a highly emotional and heart-breaking finale that neatly wrapped up the story of the first season.

The Mare of Easttown was marked as a limited series, meaning that it would be a one-off with no second season but the success of the first season means that more episodes are not out of the question.

Creator, Brad Ingelsby admitted that he was open to another season of the show if the story was right.

He told Esquire before the finale: "We didn't ever talk about returning…it's very much a closed story."

"But I think if we could ever crack a story that was as emotional and surprising, then I think maybe there's a conversation."

"I don't have that in my head right now, but I mean, listen, I love Mare. If we could ever give her a great season, I would certainly consider it."

"I would want to make sure that it was as rich and compelling as I hope this season has been.”

What happened in Mare of Easttown season 1?

The first season of the show followed Mare (Short for Marianne) Sheehan, a surly Irish-American detective in Philadelphia's DelCo township , struggling to process her divorce and the untimely suicide of her son.

Played by Kate Winslet, Mare is tasked with investigating the murder of Erin

Detective Mare Sheehan – played by Kate Winslet – investigates the recent murder of Erin McMenamin.

For the majority of the series, the culprit was believed to be John Ross, the man who fathered Erin's son, DJ.

John is the husband of Lori – Mare's close friend – who was having an affair with Erin before her gruesome death.

The season was riddled with red herrings and, in a shocking twist in the final episode, it was revealed the killer was actually Ryan Ross- the teenage son of John and Lori.

Ryan was devastated to hear that his father was having yet another affair and arrived at the park to confront Erin, with a revolver in tow.

Unfortunately, Erin reached for the weapon, leading to Ryan firing twice; once in the finger and then delivering a final, fatal blow to the head. 

The big reveal left her relationship with Lori fractured, but Brad Ingelsby assures viewers that Mare will not give up on her best friend.

"Mare is going to in some way move on with her life while also taking care of the people in the community that need her most, which in this case is Lori."


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