Will YOU Season 4 Take Place in [Spoiler]? 'I Would Be Excited,' EP Says

Spoiler alert: We’re about to break down the Season 3 finale of Netflix’s YOU. Haven’t watched yet? You’ve been warned.

The City of Lights just got a whole lot darker. YOU’s third season finale found Joe Goldberg saying adios to Madre Linda and bonjour to Paris, where he hopes to start yet another new life, this time with his librarian lover Marienne.

“Every season of the show is new place, a new conversation about love with a lowercase L,” show runner Sera Gamble tells TVLine. “I would be excited to do a European season. I think that would be so fun. One of the questions we always ask on this show is, What pool of privileged douchebags do we want to throw Joe into next? And there are a lot of untapped pools around the world, if you just leave the borders of the United States.”

Joe may be certain that he’s found the key to his happy ending — for real this time, he means it! — but Penn Badgley isn’t so sure that his character won’t revert back to his old tricks.

“I think if Joe finds Marienne, he’ll live happily ever after and have beautiful babies. He’ll learn to speak French, he’ll become a writer, they’ll spend a lot of time along the Seine and they’ll send their kids to school in Sweden,” Badgley jokes. “No, I think Joe will remain the same. Someone this profoundly ill, disturbed, traumatized and violent has a serious hurdle before them if they’re ever going to heal and change. I don’t know if it’s possible for someone who’s that far gone.”

Gamble very much echoes that sentiment, telling us, “I keep joking that he could just open a dog rescue, but I don’t really know what the twists and turns would be there. I think of the characters on this show as mirrors of each other. Love is in many ways a very accurate mirror of Joe. In another way, so is Marienne. In some ways, they came from a very similar background. I think ‘soulmates’ is a problematic term, but I do think that in a world where he wasn’t quite so unhinged, yes, they could really support each other. They really understand difficult things that people from the outside judge.”

Are you hoping that YOU’s fourth season, which was confirmed by Netflix earlier this week, will take place in Paris? And are you hoping to see more of Marienne in Joe’s future? Grade the finale and season below, then drop a comment with your thoughts.

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