Yellowstone season 4 theories: Angela to be unveiled as mystery shooter – here’s why

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The Paramount Network wrapped up the latest season of its popular Western drama last month with a series of surprise attacks on the lives of John Dutton and his family. When Yellowstone continues, some fans are convinced they already know who orchestrated the plan. 

Taylor Sheridan’s gripping family drama wrapped up its third season with a shocking cliffhanger that seemed to come out of nowhere in the finale’s last moments. 

After a series of violent attacks, John Dutton (played by Kevin Costner) was left on the brink of death on the side of the road, saved by his conveniently placed mobile phone.

Meanwhile, Kayce Dutton (Luke Grimes) was left cowering against an attack from two unknown gunmen, while Beth (Kelly Reilly) is presumed dead after an explosive package was delivered to her office. 

Now the fate of the Duttons’ will remain unclear until Yellowstone returns for its confirmed fourth season, expected to hit screens next summer.

In the meantime, fans are already busy trying to decipher who the culprit could be from the third season’s cryptic clues and foreshadowing. 

Some members of the audience are laying the blame on Jamie Dutton (Wes Bentley), as he had just discovered he was adopted at the end of season three. 

Despite the revelation of the dark family secret providing him with a strong motive, some fans are unconvinced Jamie would go to such lengths to get his revenge. 

Other viewers have singled out Angela Blue Thunder (Q’orianka Kilcher) as the prime culprit.

Angela was introduced in the third season as an attorney representing Thomas Rainwater (Gil Birmingham), the chief of a Native American reservation neighbouring Dutton Ranch.

Throughout the series, Rainwater acts as a rival for John Dutton and attempts to take the land back from the family, claiming it had been stolen from its original inhabitants. 

However, the chief seemed to be forming an alliance with John in the latest season to protect the ranch from other threats, such as the shady businessman Roarke Morris (Josh Holloway). 

Despite this, Angela revealed her ulterior motives and privately schemed to take the land back from the Duttons.

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Following the conclusion of season three, fans took to Reddit to propose Angela as the most likely candidate behind the assassination attempts. 

One fan originally suggested: “After the last conversation that Rainwater had with his lawyer, is it possible that he planned the hit and is going to try and pin it on Rourke/Market Equities, taking out two birds with one stone?”

In response, another observant viewer argued Angela is the more likely suspect, and could spend much of the next season pinning the attack on the Duttons’ other enemies. 

Redditor fenbaldwin explained: “I think it was Angela Blue Thunder for all the reasons she spelled out to Rainwater in their ominous car ride.”

“Like she said, right now the native reservation appears to be the only ‘friend’ among all of John’s enemies. This is the perfect opportunity for them to kill John and let all those enemies take the blame and fight each other.”

Yellowstone’s showrunner Taylor Sheridan is also known for scripting the popular thriller Sicario, and the perceptive fan reasoned the next season could feature similar themes.

They added: “One of the main themes of that movie was starting a war to create chaos and manipulating your enemies into killing each other. I find writers often revisit the same themes in their writing.”

Whoever is revealed as John Dutton’s attempted murderer, with Sheridan at the helm Yellowstone season four is shaping up to be its most riveting instalment yet. 

Yellowstone is available to watch on Paramount.

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