Younger Video: 'Love Can't Wait' in New Trailer for Series' Final Episodes

We’d normally roll our eyes at yet another round of Liza and Charles’ never-ending game of emotional ping-pong, but with only five episodes left in Younger‘s run, we’re choosing to savor every last drop of melodrama that we can.

A new trailer for the back half of Younger‘s seventh and final season dropped on Friday, offering a juicy preview of how the Darren Star comedy will tie up its (many!) loose ends in the coming weeks. Here are a few highlights:

* Jennifer Westfeldt is back in the picture as Pauline Brooks, but Charles’ (soon-to-be) ex-wife appears to be singing a different tune this time around. On the subject of Charles and Quinn, Pauline tells Liza, “I can tell you what’s happening with that story, and it needs a rewrite. Liza, the clock is ticking!”

* Clare uses her coding skills to take Inkubator to the next level, but we’ll see how long that partnership lasts if she ever discovers that Kelsey is hooking up with Rob (aka the guy Kelsey just helped Clare get over).

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* Josh vaguely suggests that he might be putting New York — or at least his current apartment — in the rearview very soon.

* Cass makes it clear to Maggie that the idea of someone else being with her wife drives her crazy. Like, murderous.

* And, of course, the trailer ends with Charles appearing to lean in and kiss Liza. Just when we think we’re over these two, they rope us back in!

New episodes of Younger drop Thursdays on Paramount+ and Hulu. And if you don’t feel like signing up, the entire final season will air later this year on TV Land.

Hit PLAY on the video above for your first look at Younger‘s final episodes, then drop a comment with your hopes for Liza & Co. below.

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