You're Gonna Be Obsessed with John Hersey on 'The Bachelorette'

STOP, WAIT A MINUTE: There are spoilers about Katie Thurston’s season of The Bachelorette below. We don’t know much yet so nothing major is coming your way, but…you’ve been warned!

Katie Thurston’s season of The Bachelorette just finished filming, and here’s what we know: 1) Blake Moynes showed up half-way through, which is BIG NEWS considering he previously dated co-host Tayshia Adams, 2) Katie gave her First Impression Rose to Greg Grippo, and 3) the season wrapped up an entire week early—which was Katie’s decision! Meanwhile, here’s what we suspect: That Blake, Greg, and a contestant named John Hersey are in Katie’s final four.

We’ve already done two entire whole deep-dives on Blake and Greg in case you’re in the mood for some light stalking (your assigned FBI agent won’t mind), but for now we’re getting to know 27-year-old John. Full disclosure: he remains slightly mysterious due to ABC not bothering to put out contestant bios yet, sigh.

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John Is From California

Santa Cruz, to be exact! But John’s Insta bio makes it seem like he lives in San Diego, and Reality Steve reports that he’s currently training to be a pilot. John also seems close to his parents based on some sweet old pics lurking deep in his Insta (reminder: we’ll meet them if he makes it to Hometown Dates):

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A post shared by John Hersey (@johnalexhersey)

He’s Obsessed with Skydiving

Like…if he and Katie don’t end up hurling themselves out of a plane together during a one-on-one, I’ll be surprised because John seems like a huge fan:

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A post shared by John Hersey (@johnalexhersey)

He’s a Really Good Surfer

CONSIDER ME IMPRESSED. (I say that as a person who can’t even stand upright on a surf board…in a pool.)

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His Dog Is Already an Icon

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Just wanna make it clear: I’d do anything for this animal.

He *Might* Make It Far in Katie’s Season

As we mentioned above ^^^^, there’s reason to believe that John makes it pretty far simply based on social media sleuthing. Shout-out to fan account @bachdetective for doing the literal detective work here!!!

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There will no doubt be more information about John once his (and everyone else’s) ABC bio drops, but if he does make it far in Katie’s season, it’s probably safe to assume he has the qualities she’s looking for in a partner. Specifically this list of requirements, courtesy of ABC:

Noted! Here’s to hoping John makes it to Katie Thurston’s final four on The Bachelorette—and reminder: Bachelor in Paradise is going down right after Katie’s season, and it’s possible that potential front-runners like John, Blake, and Greg could show up there if they don’t make it on The Bachelorette, so keep an eye out. Also please join me in a prayer circle that ABC lets John bring his dog on set because I’m in love, thanks.

You love all the deets on Bachelor Nation. So do we! Let’s overanalyze them together.

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