You're Welcome, We Ranked the 'Normal People' Episodes by Horniness

If you’re not familiar with the subject material of Hulu’s Normal People, let me fill you in. The show is based on the novel of the same name by Sally Rooney, and it’s about two really horny teenagers named Marianne and Connell who go on to become really horny twenty-somethings. They break up, make up, break up again, and make up again through 12 episodes worth of incredible TV. The show deals with some really important and heavy themes and does it really well, but that’s another post for another time. We’re here to talk about just how sexy this show is.

As an act of public service, we went ahead and ranked every single episode of this show in terms of just how horned up it is (and tried to be spoiler-free about it). Here is our official list, sorted from least horny to horniest.

Episode 10

This is maybe the heaviest episode of the season, and for good reason. That’s why it’s the first (or last, depending on how you think about it) on the list. Important for the plot, not great for your sex drive.

Episode 9

In this episode, the two main characters spend the semester apart because one of them is studying abroad. By default, it’s not super sexy. Marianne is in Sweden. I can’t think of anything less sexy than Sweden (sorry, Sweden). Moving on.

Episode 4

One of the earlier episodes in the season, this focuses on Connell adjusting to college life, and not doing it particularly well. It’s super relatable because he literally has no friends, but it’s not exactly ~sensual~.

Episode 11

Yes, this episode does have a ton of sexual tension, and you’ll practically be begging for Marianne and Connell to get it on, but things go a little south when they do. It does cause the characters to have a major breakthrough in their relationship, though, which makes up for it.

Episode 7

The plot of this one is mostly about the two main characters reconnecting, and there is a point where you will be legit screaming at your TV for them to make out, but… I’m not spoiling anything.

Episode 3

Four words: Chivalry is not dead! But also, this part of the show is mostly about conflict between the two, and not the sexy kind, unfortunately.

Episode 1

Starting off with a bang, literally and figuratively. The series wastes no time setting up the chemistry between Marianne and Connell. You’ll be eating it up. There’s just something about secret high school love, you know?

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Episode 8

The hot moment in this section only lasts for a brief second, but it’s one of those “forbidden” sexy situations where you’re like “Oh my god, they can’t possibly hook up, but WILL THEY?” which obviously makes it way, way sexier.

Episode 5

The main theme of this episode is makeup sex, and as we all know, that’s one hell of a drug. Enjoy!!

Episode 12

I literally refuse to spoil the ending of this show for those of you who haven’t watched or read the book, but please know the finale has plenty of sexy content to make up for whatever happens at the end. I mean, at one point you will see a full dick. There’s not much else to say.

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Episode 6

If you took out the sex scenes in this episode I think it’d only be about 10 minutes long, and let me just say there is some discussion with the characters about having a threesome. Hooboy!

Episode 2

This might be a controversial take, but episode 2 is the horniest episode of the season. Light spoilers here (but also, this is a show about Marianne and Connell’s romance so like… whatever) but the whole episode is basically about the characters discovering that yes, sex is awesome. It’s a ride! Pun fully intended.

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