101 Brazilian bingo players split jackpot due to errant card template

Now that’s a full house! 101 bingo players in Brazil celebrate winning jackpot at the same time after printing error listed number 49 on EVERY single card

  • A group of 101 bingo players had to share the grand prize after each of them had a card with the winning number
  • The incident took place in Ceará, Brazil, on Saturday night at an outdoors event that was organized by local businessman Maurício Façanha
  • Façanha, who has put together the bingo games for two years, said 500 cards printed at his printing shop each featured the number 49
  • The $184 prize was rounded up to $190 and equally split among the winners
  • Two other smaller prizes were also impacted by the glitch, leaving 75 people to split $73 and while 42 others shared $54 in winnings

Here is the wacky moment a massive group of bingo players claimed the grand cash prize because of an error on each of their cards. 

A total of 101 people convened at a square in Ceará, Brazil, for a night of bingo Saturday when they erupted with excitement when the number 49 was called. 

Footage of the chaotic scene showed the bingo players gleefully waving their cards, each claiming the 1,000 Brazilian reals prize, roughly $184.

The jackpot was rounded up to $190 and split equally, Brazilian news outlet G1 reported. 

Osmar Saldanha purchased three cards for the bingo game that was held near the motorcycle shop he owns in Ceará, Brazil, on Saturday. He was among 101 people who cashed in on the $184 prize which was rounded up to $190 because they all had a card with the winning number, 49, that was erroneously printed

One of the 500 bingo cards (first from left) that erroneously featured the number 49, the winning digit that was announced that sent 101 bingo players into a frenzy in Brazil 

Maurício Façanha, who was ran the bingo for two years, accepted blame for the mistake.

He told G1 that he was unaware that each of the 500 template cards that were produced at his printing shop featured the winning number. 

‘I was stunned trying to understand, but when I stopped to analyze it, I saw … all of the cards had the (number) 49,’ Façanha said. ‘It was a graphical error that should’t have happened. For me it was surprising. Everyone was euphoric for having won. They started screaming.’ 

Stunned bingo players gather and show off their winning game cards, each containing the number 49 that was erroneously printed on 500 cards  

Osmar Saldanha purchasing three cards for the three bingo games that were organized Saturday near his motorcycle shop in Ceará, Brazil, but left with a bittersweet taste because he had to share his winnings with the other participants

The errant cards affected two other bingo games that left 75 people splitting $73 and 42 others sharing $54 in winnings. 

Osmar Saldanha was left with a bittersweet taste over the grand prize result after purchasing three cards for the bingo that was held near his motorcycle shop.

‘I’ve never won bingo and when I win I have to share it with 100 people,’ he said. 

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