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"That? It wasn't about race" or "Oh it wasn't a racial thing, they just happened to be Black". These are the passive remarks that non Black people use to distance themselves from introspection. Somebody said when a Black person says something is racist, instead of becoming defensive ask "what am I not understanding about how this is racist?" I have screamed this pretty much my entire life even before I had social worky language like "questioning attitude". It's basic empathy imo and it works for introspection around any marginalized groups. Example…wearing a mask. What are disabled people saying? They are the most marginalized in this case. What voices are my ableism silencing? Y'all I was an asshole in the beginning of COVID. I was like bUT it's a HoaX tO sCreW elEcTIons. ItS nOt tHaT SerioUs.🤦🏿‍♀️ But that pause + introspection saved me from being harmful. Didn't matter how I FELT, I still wore a mask bc that is what disabled activists said to freaking do to reduce harm. After a while my feelings changed, I wisened, but you can't rely on yourself to "get it" before you take action. A questioning attitude works wonders when it comes to empathy and increasing cultural humility. @northern.oak.designs they put a lot of labor into educating folx. And to top it off I can vouch they are a wonderful human. Listen. People don't be who they post to be sometimes but I have no filter or brand rn 🤷🏿‍♀️. So this is literally just me talking about white supremacy all the time and amplifying folx I love. They take a similar approach in their authenticity. If you have an "aha" moment from this post donate what you can to them via their profile and support their work✌🏿 Privilege is intersectional. Own yours where it matters.

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People around the world are protesting after the recent killings of George Floyd, Atatiana Jefferson, Breonna Taylor, and Ahmaud Arbery, shining a long overdue spotlight on the racism our country has been experiencing since before its inception. It’s important now and always that we all take action against racism, whether we’re within the Black community or joining as an ally to those who have been fighting it for decades.

Black activists, educators, thinkers, and writers have been putting in the emotional and intellectual labor into research and education, sharing practical ways to make change happen. We’re highlighting some of the women who have been actively calling us all to get to work and spread the word with their inspiring and honest videos, posts, articles, and books. Follow these women who will continue to hold anyone fighting against racism accountable and informed. Listen, read, learn, and support. We’re all in this together.

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