75-foot long pool collapses on garage at beachfront building in Brazil

Swimming pool COLLAPSE is caught on video at a beachfront condo in Brazil after tenants reported strong smell of gas from area

  • A swimming pool at a condominium in Espírito Santo, Brazil, collapsed and flooded a garage below last Thursday
  • Residents told Brazilian online news portal G1 that they had smelled gas coming from the heated pool prior to the accident
  • Authorities did not report any injuries; building tenants were sheltered at area hotels and allowed to return home as early as Tuesday 

A swimming pool came crashing down on a garage at a beachfront condominium in southeastern Brazil last week.

The shocking incident Thursday at the waterfront building located in Vila Velha, Espírito Santo, was captured on a security camera.

The 75-foot long pool suddenly collapsed, sending the water into a garage below. 

No injuries were reported. The accident did not damage vehicles in the indoor parking lot.  

Still image of a security camera shows the moment a 75-foot long swimming pool at a condominium collapsed last Thursday in Espírito Santo, Brazil. Fortunately, no injuries were reported. The 270 tenants were evacuated from the 90-unit building and were allowed to return Tuesday

Brazilian online news portal G1 reported that the building’s 270 residents were evacuated. 

Some tenants of the building, which is across the street from Itaparica Beach, reported a strong gas odor coming from the heated swimming pool.

According to newspaper Folha Vitoria, the pool was closed for at least three months in 2020 due to a leak.  

A garage at a condominium in Brazil is flooded with water after the collapsed of a swimming pool last Thursday evening

Residents at a 90-unit condominium located across the street from Itaparica Beach in the municipality of Vila Velha were allowed to return Tuesday after the construction company who built the building found no structural damages

‘We heard a very loud noise. Immediately we tried to find out what happened,’ Ubiracy Fonseca said. ‘We went to the balcony and saw that a lot of the water came out of the building and went down quickly. We got some things.’

Argo, the company that built the 90-unit building, put up displaced tenants at area hotels for no cost.

Espírito Santo officials and Vila Velha cleared residents to return to their apartments Tuesday after engineers inspected the complex and found no structural damage. 

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