Amy Coney Barrett hearing was a hostage video

When it comes to wasting time, it’s tough to beat the United States Senate. But even for that august body’s pedantic standards, Monday’s confirmation hearing for Judge Amy Coney Barrett was beyond pointless, it was downright bizarre. The nominee sat wearing a black mask, and looked like the prisoner in a hostage film, as senator after senator talked not so much to her but at or past her.

Let’s hope the mask protects against drivel as well as coronavirus.

When they weren’t railing against the hearings happening at all, the Democrats on the Judiciary Committee seemed to be under the impression that it was the Affordable Care Act, not Barrett, whom President Trump nominated for the Supreme Court. They spoke of little else, flanked by blown-up photographs of constituents they say were helped by Obamacare — despite not knowing how, or even if, Barrett would rule on a case involving the legislation.

Sen. Kamala Harris (D-Calif.) took the ludicrous pandemic play-acting to an even more absurd level. The vice presidential candidate appeared via video from her office — in the same building! Does she really think that nobody should be in a room with anyone else? The senators were socially distanced or wearing masks. Is this the “example” she wants to set, for all of us to be terrified of the indoors?

The answer to that question is yes. Harris and her running mate Joe Biden want the American people cowed by irrational fear, thinking it will help their chances. But many, one hopes most, people will look at the surreal spectacle of this hearing and see just how insanely out of step it is with how people have learned to live — safely but sanely — with the virus.

Some good news did come out of Day 1 of the farce. It seems clear that Democrats, who barely even referred the nominee at all, are not eager to repeat the 2018 Brett Kavanaugh kangaroo court hearings which Sen. Sen. John Kennedy (R-La.) called a “freak show.” It seems that rather than going through a hell of personal attacks, Barrett will have to withstand a purgatory of pointless speeches and digs at Donald Trump to become the next Justice of the Supreme Court.

Unfortunately the mask won’t cover it up if she’s tempted — like the rest of America — to roll her eyes.

David Marcus is the New York correspondent for the Federalist.

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