Australian serial killer allegedly living a new life as a woman

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A notorious Australian serial killer has begun a new life in which she identifies as a transgender woman, it was revealed Wednesday.

Reginald “Tex” Arthurell, 74, now goes by the name Regina Kaye and was photographed wearing women’s wigs in the first images to emerge of the convicted killer after she was sprung from prison in November, reported.

Arthurell — who was convicted of murdering her fiancée while out on parole for two other killings — currently lives in western Sydney and has said she plans to undergo a sex change as soon as possible, the outlet reported.

She posted the photos of herself to a transgender community friendship page in which she wore three different colored wigs, including one in a dark brown bob which included the message, “Hi, I’m Regina,” the New Zealand Herald reported.

Arthurell committed her first two killings more than four decades ago.

In 1974, when she was 28 years old, Arthurell stabbed her stepfather, Thomas Thornton, 49, to death in New South Wales, then went on the run, the outlets reported.

In 1981, Arthurell met a male accomplice whom she helped rob and kill a 19-year-old sailor, Ross Browning, in the Northern Territory, the reports said.

Arthurell spent six years in a Northern Territory jail for the murder of Browning before being extradited to NSW, where she was again jailed for her stepfather’s manslaughter, reported.

It was while she was serving time for Browning’s killing that her future fiancée, Venet Mulhall, began writing to her as a pen pal, the outlet reported.

After being released on parole in 1991, she moved in with Mulhall, only to bludgeon her to death six years later, the outlet reported.

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