Baby tests positive for coronavirus just two days after birth

A BABY boy has tested positive for coronavirus just two days after being born.

Presley Dowdall was born at Basildon Hospital in Essex on May 11 but was rushed to an intensive care unit shortly after.

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He was struggling to breathe and was later diagnosed with Covid-19.

Mum Roxanne Dowdall said she was stunned at Presley's diagnosis.

"It was such a shock and I couldn't believe what I was hearing. It felt like time had stood still and I was living someone else's story," she told the Southend Echo.

"I remember feeling a sense of guilt. Why couldn't I protect my newborn son?

"I had a million questions going around in my head about how he could test positive."

Ms Dowdall was induced at 37 weeks after she showed signs of pre-eclampsia and obstetric cholestasis.

She said little Presley is no longer showing symptoms and has made a full recovery from the virus – but Ms Dowdall still doesn't know how she caught it.

"We will never get a straight answer as to how or why he caught Covid-19 and it's just an unanswered question we will have to live with," she said.

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