Biden’s popular vote lead over Trump grows to more than 5 million

Joe Biden’s popular vote lead over President Trump continues to grow, hitting a milestone of more than 5 million on Wednesday as the commander-in-chief continues to press allegations of widespread voter fraud.

With 96 percent of the popular vote counted, Biden extended his lead to 5,071,218 votes, according to the Associated Press — far more than the 2.8 million that Hillary Clinton had in losing to Trump in 2016.

Nonetheless, presidential elections are won based on the Electoral College and it is here that the Trump campaign has launched a feverish legal challenge contesting the vote count in swing states that Biden won.

The commander-in-chief and his allies claim that mail-in ballots were tampered with, GOP poll observers were prevented from doing their jobs, and that poll workers coerced voters into voting for Biden. He has declined to concede.

Some of those suits so far have been rejected by judges who have dismissed the claims as “vague” and “hearsay.”

The incoming Biden-Harris administration, meanwhile, has vowed to forge ahead, fielding calls from world leaders and preparing to announce their cabinet, even as the White House directs federal agencies to snub their requests for meetings and withhold transition funds.

High-ranking Republicans have refused to acknowledge President-elect Biden until the allegations of fraud have been investigated and Trump’s litigation has been heard.

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