Bill Richardson accused of covering up scheme to fund sexual services

Former New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson has been accused in a newly unsealed lawsuit of covering up a pay-to-play scheme he allegedly used to fund “sexual services and sexual favors” while serving as his state’s chief executive, a report said.

In 2008, Richardson was accused in a suit of running a kickback scheme to enrich himself — and fund a debauched lifestyle — while defrauding New Mexico taxpayers, a local NBC affiliate reported.

“Richardson obtained money for himself; money for his campaigns; money for his political organizations; lavish meals, entertainment, and travel; wine and liquor, sexual services and sexual favors,” the suit states, according to the news station.

Federal prosecutors probed the allegations in 2009, but Richardson and his associates were not indicted, the report said.

In a new suit filed in May, but unsealed last week, Richardson, 72, is accused of using his office to cover up the scheme and thwart the investigation, the Daily Mail reported.

The suit, filed by two New Mexico residents under the Fraud Against Taxpayers Act, claims Richardson installed “operatives” in the state government to cover up the scheme, according to the Mail.

A Richardson spokesperson did not respond to request for comment.

Richardson has drawn headlines in recent months after it was revealed Jeffrey Epstein accuser Virginia Roberts Giuffre said she was forced to have sex with him while being trafficked by the multimillionaire pedophile and alleged cohort Ghislaine Maxwell.

Richardson has denied having sex with Giuffre.

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