Boy, 5, dead from head injuries and ruptured lung after ‘mom’s boyfriend played “bite game” to calm him down’ – The Sun

A MOM’S boyfriend who is accused of murdering her son claims he had played a "bite game" to "calm him down". 

Michael J Tunstall, 26, from Homewood, Illinois, told police the boy woke up from a nap vomiting and fell unconscious after he carried the child to a bathtub. 

Tunstall was questioned by police after fresh bite marks and bruises were noticed on the boy's dead body, reported Crime Online. 

He told police he had played the game with the boy earlier that day, records said.

The suspect said he alerted the mother, who told police she noted the child’s lips and fingertips were turning blue before performing CPR.

But the Lake County Coroner’s Office said the child died of blunt force trauma that caused multiple head injuries and a ruptured left lung — caused by multiple heavy strikes to the body. 

Court records revealed most of the injuries were suffered about an hour before the boy died.

Further investigation revealed the boy’s mother had not been home on Thursday afternoon when the incident took place. 

Instead, she was reportedly at work and left at about 5.45 pm when she received a call from home.

Tunstall was arrested on Friday afternoon and was being held without bond on murder charges. 

Lake County Sheriff Oscar Martinez Jr said: "In my 27 years in law enforcement, I have seen many types of tragedy.

"But as a police officer, the death of a child is always particularly difficult to accept."

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