Brit ISIS bride ‘terror twins’ say THEY are the victims as they moan about ‘suffering’ in jihadi prison camp

A PAIR of British ISIS brides have claimed they are “victims” after being caught trying to escape their jihadi prison camp.

Zahra and Salma Halane, dubbed the “terror twins," joined the bloodthirsty civil war in Syria after fleeing their home in Manchester, aged just 16 in 2014.

The sisters, who inspired Shamima Begum, are now being held in a high-security detention centre along with Zahra's young son after being caught attempting to escape Al Hol camp.

Speaking to ITV, Salma claims the pair have renounced the sick ideology of ISIS insisting they are “victims” who want to return to Denmark, the country of their birth.

She said: “We have nothing to do with the Islamic State. I see myself as a victim. I am not happy about the Islamic State.”

Describing the squalid conditions inside Al Hol, she said: “The water is yellow, I am suffering, I have injuries on me and my nephew and my sister, she has injuries on her head.

“We tried our best to go to hospital, we tried our best to do something for our health. So it was like survival of the fittest. We wanted to go to a better care.”

The pair – described as academically bright – were captured in March last year when the extremist cult lost its last remaining enclave in Baghouz, in north east Syria.

Sources on the ground have told The Telegraph the twin sisters have been transferred to a new high-security extension at Roj camp, also in north east of the country, after their failed prison break.

Zahra's son Ismail – who is believed to be aged four or five – is also with them.

And according to the Al Hol sources, the brainwashed sisters still believe in the twisted ideology of ISIS – a group which took Yazidi women as sex slaves and threw gay people off roofs.

It has been reported that some of the most dangerous ISIS miltants have been moved to the new facility at Roj.

Last month, Russia Today spoke to an unnamed woman who was caught trying to escape Al Hol. The Telegraph say they have identified the prisoner as Zahra.


In the interview, the woman said she wanted to “go back home” but did not have enough money to pay smugglers to take her to Turkey.

She said: “If you have money, there are different ways [of escaping] and it happens very fast. You can get to Turkey easily.”

Another woman told the Sunday Times in 2017, that the twins were at the centre of the British jihadi social scene in the Islamic State.

Zahra and Salma lived in Denmark before they moved to Manchester as infants and reportedly told camp officials they want to return to the Scandinavian country.

Both girls moved to ISIS capital Raqqa where they married brainwashed militants but were soon widowed when their husbands were killed in fighting.

Images of sisters fleeing to the war zone, reportedly inspired infamous ISIS bride Shamima Begum to leave her London home and join the death cult.

As of September 2019, the young Londoner has also been detained at Al Hol.

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