Brits rush to get a haircut and stock up on 'emergency wine' in amusing memes to prepare for second national lockdown

BRITS rush to get a haircut and stock up on "emergency wine" in amusing memes as the country prepares for a second national lockdown.

Social media users shared gags about terrible trims and desperate booze runs ahead of another shutdown next week.

The Sun reported last night that the UK will be plunged back into lockdown as soon as Wednesday, after scientific advisers presented the government with "grim data" on the second wave.

The curbs, which would see everything closed except essential shops and educational settings, could be introduced on Wednesday and remain in place until December 1.

But Brits were quick to bemoan the decision on Twitter and joked about another month of lockdown life – including loo roll shortages, home haircut disasters and Zoom pub quizzes.

One wrote: "Lockdown 2… guess I got to get that last haircut again."

Another said: "Desperately need to get my hair cut before lockdown 2 begins otherwise I'll end up like chewbacca #Lockdown2."

Other Brits rushed to get the booze in before the closure of pubs across the nation.

One posted: "I KNEW it was a bad idea to drink my "emergency lockdown wine" last week. BLOODY KNEW IT."

And user Deborah Henry added: "Another lockdown looming? Send coffee, chocolate and wine. Please and thank you."

Some fretted about running out of loo roll after panic buying left supermarket shelves empty last March.

One gagged: "Thoughts and prayers with all in the UK trying to buy toilet roll today #Lockdown2."

It comes as No10 was warned that deaths from the virus could peak just before Christmas, with a "massive spike" on Christmas eve.

Crucially, the projections predict NHS beds will become overwhelmed with Covid patients.

Government medics have warned that some hospitals may not even have enough staff to cope with the extra patients on top of the normal winter strains on the NHS.

Pubs, bars and restaurants face being closed for weeks under the clampdown — which the Government is determined to avoid calling a new lockdown.

There is an ongoing debate within Whitehall over whether to impose national restrictions or toughen up local measures.

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