Candace Owens says Covid mask-wearers are 'prepped for authoritarianism' as face coverings are 'about power'

CANDACE Owens blasted the idea of wearing masks a year into the pandemic, likening it to preparing the country as it enters a stage of "authoritarianism."

"To every person that got vaccinated and is wondering why they still have to wear masks," the conservative pundit tweeted.

"Youre forgiven for doubting those of us who insisted from the beginning that this was about power—not health or science," she lovingly forgave.

"You’ve now been sufficiently prepped for authoritarianism," she ended.

In sending the tweet, Owens echoed plenty of thoughts held from other conservative pundits, including fellow talk show host Tucker Carlson, who earlier during his Monday night show, ranted against mask-wearing.

"A vaccinated person with antibodies wearing a mask outside is just like watching grown men expose themselves in public, that's disgusting put it away, please. We don't do that here," Carlson said on his show.

However, people were not impressed on Owens' Twitter.

"I am happily vaccinated but I wear masks to help stop the spread to people like you that won’t," wrote one person.

"Most people smart enough to get vaccinated are also smart enough to understand why they should wear a mask," wrote another.

During Carlson's show, a guest echoed that sentiment, saying he was receiving stares for walking around Austin, Texas without wearing a mask on.

An outraged Carlson urged viewers to tell people who are wearing masks to take them off.

"The rest of us should be staring at them first, they're the aggressors. It's our job to brush them back and restore the society we were born in the next time you see someone in a mask on the sidewalk or on the bike path, do not hesitate," he said about confronting people who wear masks.

"Ask politely but firmly, would you please take off. Science shows there is no reason for you to be wearing your mask is making me uncomfortable."

"We should do that and we should keep doing it until wearing a mask outside is roughly as socially accepted as lighting a Marlboro on an elevator," he ended. "It's repulsive don't do it around other people."

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