Canelo Alvarez reveals his brother was kidnapped days before fight against Rocky Fielding in 2018

Canelo Alvarez wasn't 100 percent focused on beating Rocky Fielding days before the two fought in 2018. Alvarez revealed Wednesday that his brother was kidnapped in Mexico just before Alvarez's fight against Fielding. In the lead up to the fight, Alvarez spent three days before the fight negotiating for his brother's release.

Alvarez told the story in an interview with Graham Bensinger.

Alvarez began to tell the story, but decided to speak in Spanish and have a translator relay Alvarez's words. Alvarez explained that he negotiated his brother's release while still doing media for the fight against Fielding. No one knew what he was going through at the time. 

"Over the phone, I negotiated all the … I negotiated everything for his release. For three days I negotiated with those a**holes so they would let him go. Three days. And after I negotiated, I was still thinking, imagine if this had been my daughter, my mother, my father. For me it would've even been more difficult. 

"And on top of that I had to fight on Saturday and a thousand interviews and everything, and no one knew anything. And that's what I'm getting at, everybody thinks wow, you know, they see me up there and they say, 'Wow, it's very easy.' But nothing is easy in this life, everything is difficult."

Alvarez explains he didn't want to involve the police because he feared they might have been involved in the kidnapping and ransom. 

While Alvarez doesn't reveal the final outcome of the negotiations, he said his brother was released. 

Canelo Alvarez won fight against Rocky Fielding

Despite that stress, Alvarez sill defeated Fielding during the fight. Alvarez defeated Fielding in three rounds, knocking Fielding down four times. 

Alvarez has fought four bouts since Fielding, winning all of them. He scheduled to take on Billy Joe Saunders in May. Alvarez has not lost a fight since 2013. 

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