Captain Tom's daughter Hannah Ingram-Moore wishes she never took job

Captain Tom’s tearful daughter Hannah Ingram-Moore says she now wishes she never took the £85,000 job as chief executive of her charity hero father’s foundation ‘in hindsight’

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Captain Tom Moore’s daughter wishes she never took the £85,000-a-year job running her father’s foundation – but insisted it would have been ‘worse off’ without her.

As her family continues to face questions about how much they trousered from his £39million fundraising legacy, Hannah Ingram-Moore said in ‘hindsight’ it would have been better if someone else ran the Captain Tom Foundation.

In her emotional interview with Piers Morgan last night, Ms Ingram-Moore insisted she had never ‘asked’ for £85,000-a-year. She also said she had not demanded the proposed £100,000 salary that was blocked by the Charity Commission.

She said: ‘In hindsight I wish I had never done it. But the foundation would have been much worse off for it. The problem is that what has come since has practically destroyed it’.

In July 2022, Britain’s charity regulator refused permission for the Foundation to employ Ingram-Moore as chief executive on a salary of £100,000 a year, calling it ‘neither reasonable nor justified’. A month later she was appointed on a wage of £85,000. 

She told TalkTV last night: ‘I was never part of that discussion. I was only offered what I was offered – but I accepted what I was offered’.

Captain Tom Moore’s family have been handed money from various routes, including from three of his books

Describing how she got the job, she said: ‘The independent trustees came to me and asked me: “Would I be prepared to take that job” and I said “yes”. They went away and benchmarked the salary. I didn’t ask for anything.

‘At the time it felt like the only thing to do, because without the injection from the family, what would it become? We had this incredible legacy and our desire as a family is to ensure that legacy gives the greatest positive social impact that it can.

‘I knew I could do it and give it purpose and leadership. Hindsight is a wonderful, we can all look back and think maybe we could have done things differently’.

Last July, the regulator refused permission for the Foundation to employ Ingram-Moore as chief executive on a salary of £100,000 a year, saying it was not justifiable.

However, the following month it allowed her to be appointed for a wage of £85,000 for a maximum of nine months while they looked for a new CEO, who has since been recruited.

The family of Captain Sir Tom Moore have refused to commit to getting rid of a controversial spa pool that was added to a building originally created in his name despite being given several chances to do so in an explosive Piers Morgan interview.

Hannah Ingram-Moore, daughter of the World War II hero turned global lockdown icon, refused several times to say she would get rid of the pool, which was built without planning permission in the grounds of her Bedfordshire home.

During a wide-ranging 90-minute interview on TalkTV, Mrs Ingram-Moore and her husband Colin were given several opportunities to say they would dispose of the luxury spa, which they had claimed was to be part of his ‘legacy’.

Mr Ingram-Moore, asked by Piers if he would ‘get rid of it’, said that the family ‘haven’t looked at that as an option’.

Plans for the ‘Captain Tom Foundation building’, excluding the pool, were submitted to Central Bedfordshire Council in August 2021, six months after he died of Covid and pneumonia at the age of 100 after a controversial holiday to Barbados.

Hannah Ingram-Moore and her family refused to commit to knocking down the spa pool that had angered many, who accused the family of exploiting Captain Tom’s legacy

Captain Sir Tom Moore went on to write three books under a deal with Penguin Random House that has earned his family more than £800,000

(left-right): Georgia, Colin, Hannah and Benji Ingram-Moore on Piers Morgan Uncensored

Captain Sir Tom Moore and his daughter Hannah in 2020 after he completed 100 laps of his garden during lockdown, raising millions for the NHS

Mrs Ingram-Moore appeared to tell Morgan that the ‘resistance’ pool had originally been part of the plan for the building as a community space, ‘as a nice thing to do’, as well as somewhere to store the thousands of cards and gifts sent by admirers. 

She said: ‘People would have seen we had a small above ground pool on the driveway and when [Captain Tom] had fallen and broken his hip and was terribly ill he came home and wanted to rehabilitate and said ‘I fancy walking up and down in the pool’. 

‘No chance of that – maybe we could get one (where he could)…walk against the resistance.

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‘We had 225,000 birthday cards arrive, stored in London at large cost to us. Thousands of things stored (elsewhere) – it was taking over our house and our office. 

‘(We thought) why don’t we recentre it so we have somewhere to put all those things? This isn’t doing things selfishly. 

‘Storage, multipurpose, to be able to put some of his things, his memorabilia, and a community building to help the local aging population, holding Pilates classes, walking up and down in the resistance pool, and have meetings, as the perfect place to speak about the legacy my father left.’

When Morgan pointed out that Captain Tom was dead by the time the plans were introduced, Mrs Ingram-Moore added: ‘We wanted it as part of that legacy and because it was a nice thing to do.’ 

In an occasionally tense exchange on Piers Morgan Uncensored on Thursday night Morgan asked the family – Hannah, Colin and children Georgia, 14, and Benji, 19 – if they would commit to getting rid of the pool given its unpopularity with the public.

He said: ‘Right now, for the purposes of this interview, given you accept it’s a mistake, I offer you the chance to say ‘regardless, we will get rid of it’.’

Mr Ingram-Moore replied: ‘We haven’t looked at that as an option…we don’t want to commit to it.’

Morgan replied: ‘It’s hard to argue you need a spa pool to pay tribute to your father. Once he died that argument is gone. 

‘I don’t think you should have done it and that’s what angered the public. It looks like you’re giving yourself a treat and using the foundation umbrella to justify it.’

Piers Morgan’s 90 minute interview with the family was broadcast on Thursday night

Hannah Ingram-Moore and Piers Morgan walk along the pathway where Captain Tom enshrined his legacy during the coronavirus lockdown 

The Ingram-Moores said the plan was never for the building housing the spa pool to be ‘The Captain Tom Foundation’ building – but a planning statement explicitly referred to the building as such, and stated it was to be used for ‘charitable objectives’

The luxury spa pool was not part of the original plans for the building, and a bid to have it approved retrospectively was denied and is currently the subject of an appeal

Captain Tom Moore on holiday in Barbados at the end of 2020 with grandchildren Benji and Georgia, daughter Hannah Ingram-Moore and her husband Colin

The Ingram-Moores’ deviation from the plans – which had been lodged ‘in connection with The Captain Tom Foundation and its charitable objectives’ – provoked a row with both the council and the Foundation, which said it had no knowledge of the proposals.

The family insists that the building, including the spa pool, was paid for entirely from personal funds. 

A bid to have the pool approved retrospectively was refused by Central Bedfordshire Council and is currently the subject of an appeal.

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Mr Ingram-Moore said: ‘If we lose the appeal the whole building will have to get demolished and that would be a great shame.’ 

Mrs Ingram-Moore added: ‘It’s keep it or tear it all down. If we are allowed to keep it we will talk about what we will do with it.’

Given ‘one last chance’ to commit to removing the pool, she said: ‘I can’t possibly answer that until we’ve discussed it as a family. 

‘My father couldn’t walk in that amazing resistance pool but other people can.

‘In hindsight, our original application was never intended to be the Captain Tom Foundation, it was meant to be the Captain Tom Building, it was lost in translation. 

‘This building was not to do with the charity, it was where we could use it for charitable work.’

Captain Tom captured the hearts of the nation when he completed 100 laps of his garden while recovering from a broken hip during lockdown, raising millions for NHS charities and earning himself a knighthood from Queen Elizabeth II. 

But in occasionally terse exchanges, Morgan quizzed his family on controversies that have dogged them ever since the pensioner began his life-changing undertaking in March 2020.

Among them were the revelation that the family made £809,000 from the sales of Captain Tom’s books via a company created to trademark his name, Club Nook Ltd, and has kept it without giving any of the money to charity.

Morgan pressed the Ingram-Moores on where exactly the income had come from – to the point that they called a temporary halt to the interview after blasting the line of questioning as ‘really unfair’.

The family then admitted the income had come from the sale of books written by Captain Tom in a deal with Penguin Random House – and said they were ‘absolutely not’ linked to the Captain Tom Foundation in any way.

Captain Sir Tom Moore is knighted by Queen Elizabeth II on July 2020 after he raised millions for the NHS during the coronavirus pandemic

Captain Tom died in February 2021 at the age of 100 after contracting Covid and pneumonia

Criticism was levelled at Hannah Ingram-Moore for stepping into the limelight following her father’s death (pictured here waving to crowds at Wimbledon in 2021)

But Morgan said in an aside, after the interview had been concluded, that informal links had been made between the books and the charity at the time they were announced.

In a statement issued in May 2020, Captain Tom said: ‘I am so looking forward to sharing my autobiography with you which will help launch my new foundation… I’d better get writing!’

His daughter, however, said that he was part of all discussions on where the money would go, adding: ‘From his perspective we had a right to live and to live as well as we could live. 

‘We are hard workers and not shirkers, and we are recompensed and I think that’s fair.

‘They were my father’s books. He wrote them and decided what to do with the income from them. 

‘It was his wishes, not ours. He made the decisions. We didn’t act for him.’

Mrs Ingram-Moore has already been the target of criticism for appearing to personally profit from her father’s charitable endeavours.

She was recruited as an interim chief executive at the Captain Tom Foundation from August 2021 until April 2022 on a pro-rated £85,000 salary that was initially meant to be higher, until the Charity Commission put its foot down.

She told Morgan that, in retrospect, she should have never taken the job.

‘We believed as a family I could put the charity on the map and I did a really good job while I was there. It had purpose and vision but in hindsight, I should have said no,’ she said.

She was also paid £18,000 for judging the Virgin Media O2 Captain Tom Foundation Connector Award, to which the Captain Tom Foundation was attached.

She kept £16,000 of this for herself, which was paid to Maytrix, a consultancy firm run by her and her husband, donating £2,000 to the charity named after her father.

More than £800,000 was generated for Captain Tom’s family from the sale of books in a deal with Penguin Random House. The family has defended keeping the cash from the book sales instead of giving it to his charity

Captain Sir Tom Moore at the launch of his autobiography Tomorrow Will Be A Good Day in September 2020

Pressed by Morgan on whether she should have taken the money, or even considered donating it in full to the Foundation, Mrs Ingram-Moore said: ‘I think it’s all very easy to look back and think I should have made different decisions. 

‘I’m not in a position where I cannot work. For me, it may have fallen in a time when I wasn’t the CEO and that’s how it landed and I ensured the charity got a donation.

‘The better thing would have been to push those awards to outside of that time. I have to work for a living and that relationship with (Virgin Media) was an ongoing relationship.’

Elsewhere, Morgan addressed criticism levelled Mrs Ingram-Moore for standing up and waving and blowing kisses to the crowd at Wimbledon in 2021, months after the death of her father.

He also addressed the family’s controversial holiday to Barbados at the end of 2020 during the coronavirus pandemic; Captain Tom died of Covid and pneumonia two months later.The family said the first week of the trip had been covered by Barbados’ tourist board after the soldier said a trip to see cricket being played on the Caribbean island was a bucket list dream.

Mrs Ingram-Moore said: ‘We had doctors check and they said go. We didn’t know he had silent pneumonia. We have photos of him on the plane and he was treated like a king. 

‘We had to take tests before we left and when we arrived we were quarantined immediately. We knew he was healthy, not covid positive, and not breaking lockdown rules.’

Mr Ingram-Moore added: ‘We paid. The first week was at the guest of Barbados tourist board but after that we paid for it. It was paid for by us. It wasn’t free.’

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