Central Park ‘Karen’ Amy Cooper reportedly tried to have her doorman fired

Amy Cooper, the white dog-walker known as Central Park “Karen” for calling 911 on a black bird-watcher, once tried to get her doorman fired, according to a report. 

Alison Faircloth, one of Cooper’s neighbors at her Upper West Side apartment, recalled finding Cooper “on the verge of tears” after a confrontation with the building’s doorman last winter, the New York Times reported. 

The neighbor says Cooper told her the doorman had apparently cursed at her for no reason and she vowed to have him fired, the outlet reported. 

But when Faircloth asked the doorman for his side of the story, he said Cooper had complained about a malfunctioning elevator, then hurled curses at him after forcing her way into a security booth, the outlet said. 

Cooper had to be removed by a security guard, the doorman said, according to Faircloth. 

“There’s always a narrative from her about someone who has done her wrong,” the neighbor told the outlet. 

Management for the building declined comment to the Times. 

Aside from the confrontation with the doorman, other neighbors knew Cooper to be “combative” with other dog walkers and staff at the building, the outlet reported. 

“There was a sense of entitlement,” Marisol De Leon told the Times, adding Cooper would often walk her dog, Henry, without a leash and would become angry when told not to.  

Maria Mead, who lives in a nearby building, told the outlet Cooper was “very devoted to her animals” but had a strange penchant for exclusively using a baby voice, even when speaking to other adults. 

“The only thing I’ll tell you is she never spoke directly to a person. She always spoke through her dog, and in a baby voice,”  Mead told the outlet. 

“It was really bizarre.” 

Cooper has become an international pariah after her Memorial Day confrontation with bird-watcher Christian Cooper (no relation) in the Central Park Ramble. Christian asked Amy to leash her pup, leading her to threaten him with a 911 call.

“I’m going to tell them there’s an African American man threatening my life,” Amy told the man, according to a viral video of the incident.

The confrontation led to a probe by the city Human Rights Commission, an effort to have her banned from the park altogether and a new law, recently signed by Gov. Andrew Cuomo, that makes it a crime to falsely call 911 on a minority.

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