Cher taunted over George Floyd tweet after claiming she could have stopped his death if she'd been there

CHER has been slammed for her "white saviour complex" after saying she thinks she could've helped prevent George Floyd's death.

The 74-year-old hit-maker shared a tweet detailing a conversation she had with her mother regarding the televised trial of Derek Chauvin, the Minneapolis cop accused of killing Floyd last year.

"Was talking With Mom & She Said ‘I Watched Trial Of Policeman Who Killed George Floyd,& Cried,'" Cher wrote.

"I Said ‘Mom,I Know This Is Gonna Sound CRAZY,But.. I Kept Thinking …..Maybe If I’d Been There,…I Could’ve Helped."

Her comment has sparked a barrage of online controversy as social media users slammed the 'Goddess of Pop's' "white saviour complex" and her attempt to "underplay" the actions of witnesses.

It comes after a week of emotional testimony delivered by by-standers, expressing their guilt and sadness at their inability to intervene as Chauvin knelt on Floyd's neck for more than nine minutes.

Minneapolis' longest-serving police officer Richard Zimmerman gave evidence this week and branded Chauvin's use of force "uncalled for" and "totally unnecessary".

The tone-deaf tweet by the Believe singer hit a bum note with fans who accused her of being insensitive to eyewitnesses.

"What is this saviour complex? This one should’ve stayed in the drafts," one user wrote.

Another seethed: "This is significantly underplaying what witnesses who testified TRIED to do to stop his death. There have been MULTIPLE testimonies of everyone from a firefighter to an MMA fighter to a senior man who attempted to diffuse the situation. Singing songs doesn't erase racism, Cher."

"I love my Cher but oof. That was a little too white savior complex for me. I know she means well and probably doesn't understand but..honey…no," a third added.

"Mama, I'll say it with respect and I hope you take it. The intention to be there and help is pure, BUT a black man shouldn't need a white person to stand up for him to be safe. People will beat you up over this tweet, but go over the mean things and try to learn… PLEASE," said one Twitter user.

But some of her loyal followers were quick to jump to the music legends defense, saying: "Cher is a hero to a-lot of people. Don't sit there and be a Karen. If you don't like, well then just comment. PERIOD.."

Another complained: "She was just trying to be nice, and she didn’t implied racism, you guys want to push cancelling everywhere and then ask why people don’t support social movements."

Cher has maintained a notable presence on the bird app since she joined.

She was an avid critic of former President Trump, who she branded a "cheap thug", a "troll" and even compared him to Hitler.

Her tweet is the latest clumsy comment on the internet from a high-profile celebrity in the wake of Floyd's death, which shook the globe and sparked the international Black Lives Matter movement.

Madonna came under fire after posting a video of her son David dancing, to supposedly "honour" Floyd and his family.

Harry Potter star Emma Watson was also accused of being a "performative" activist, by editing her Blackout Tuesday square to keep in theme with the rest of her Instagram aesthetic.

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