Chinese fixer 'tasked with grooming foreign elites targets FIVE UK Prime Ministers to push country's warped agenda'

A CHINESE fixer allegedly hired to groom foreign elites has targeted FIVE British Prime Ministers, it has been claimed.

Zhirong Hu has met with current PM Boris Johnson as well as Theresa May, David Cameron, Gordon Brown and Tony Blair, it has been reported.

He is allegedly a Beijing operative and is the director of the 'Chinese People’s Association for Friendship with Foreign Countries' or 'CPAFFC' – a group which is reportedly controlled by the Communist Party.

It has been claimed that the organisation's mission is to groom “business, political and media leaders in countries around the world”, reports the Daily Mail.

The news outlet has published pictures of the five UK leaders meeting with Mr Hu.

A new book titled Hidden Hand makes the bombshell claims that China is recruiting “useful idiots” to push its agenda in the West.

The claims were included in a dossier compiled with the help of an ex-MI6 spook.

Mr Hu, who is a member of China’s upper parliamentary house, was pictured with US President Donald Trump in 2018.

And in 2010, he was seen shaking hands with former US leader George W Bush in Shanghai.

This comes as the UK is poised to ban Chinese phone company Huawei from its involvement in our 5G network this week.

Hidden Hand claims Mr Hu operates among Beijing's elites.

Last year, he posed for a photograph with Chairman Mao’s grandson Mao Xinyu during celebrations marking the Communist Party's 70 years of rule.

And in 2013, he was photographed with President Xi Jinping.

The book claims Hu's access to the politicians in the West is “ unprecedented” and another clue to his group's standing in China is in its name

He said: “Just as in the United Kingdom no community organisation can use the word “royal” in its title without official permission, in China, no community group would include the words 'people' or 'friendship' in its title without Party approval.

“Friendship has a very distinct meaning, a cynical and opportunistic one. It does not refer to an intimate personal bond, but to a strategic relationship on behalf of the party.”

According to the Mail, Mr Johnson, Mrs May and Mr Blair said they were merely posing for pictures at events and did not know Hu.

A source close to Gordon Brown said he did know Mr Hu either while former Tory leader Mr Cameron declined to comment.

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