Chinese Ikea stores step up security after X-rated video of woman performing solo sex act on display bed goes viral – The Sun

A CHINESE porn star has graphically shown her own version of DIY by performing a solo sex act in an IKEA store’s bed display.

Security has been stepped up and the furniture chain has apologised after disturbing X-rated video – 16 minutes long – went viral.

Chinese officials were also left fuming after an unnamed IKEA branch was used as a sex video location by the woman, who masturbated herself on a busy shop floor while pensioners and young children walked by, according to reports in China.

Some social media users identified the woman as a Chinese porn star known as 'Fullfive', although this has not been confirmed by the authorities.

Her illicit activity is rumoured to have been filmed in IKEA's branch in the Tianhe District in Guangzhou, capital city of Guangdong Province in South China.

It's not clear when exactly the footage was filmed, as other shoppers do not appear to be wearing face masks.

But it shows the IKEA branch was crowded with customers as the suspected porn star pleasured herself on camera, often just a few steps away from elderly shoppers and kids.


IKEA China said it had laid a complaint with cops about her smutty behaviour.

Chinese government mouthpiece Global Times also condemned the widespread release of "pornography" across social media when the footage went viral – before being censored.

GT said that Fullfive and her cameraman could face criminal charge including a prison term of up to three years for the offence of "spreading obscene material".

Graphic footage released at the weekend caused a stir among Chinese-speaking internet users after it showed the woman and her cameraman setting up in various locations inside the IKEA branch for their risque film.

Social media platforms on which the porn was later released are expected to come under scrutiny for failing to filter the content.

The embarrassed Swedish furniture company said in a statement that IKEA China was "taking the matter very seriously.

"We oppose and condemn these actions and have reported the incident to the police.

"IKEA is committed to providing home inspiration for the public.

"We will increase security and cleaning in order to create a safe, comfortable and healthy shopping experience and environment."


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