Chocolate eggs are filling supermarket shelves already before Easter

Eggs-tremely early! Chocolate eggs are filling supermarket shelves already – nearly four MONTHS before Easter

  • Shoppers were surprised to see the chocolate eggs so close to Christmas
  • The shelves were decked out with the near-spherical sweet treats
  • In one Tesco there appeared to be much of one aisle devoted to them
  • A spokeswoman said it was not its full range, with that a few weeks away

Supermarket shoppers were left baffled after finding Tesco shelves already fully stocked with Easter Eggs – just days after Christmas.

The extensive selection of chocolate treats appeared at the store in Llantrisant, South Wales, as most people returned to work after the festive period.

The supermarket giant is already displaying rows of Oreo, Twirl and Chocolate Orange eggs, among others, – despite it still being 103 days until Easter.

Office worker Bobby McGrath, 45, of Beddau, South Wales, was left scratching his head after he spotted the large selection in his local store yesterday.

He said: ‘I’ve still got my Christmas tree and decorations up so I was left a bit taken aback to see Easter eggs on the shelves already.

‘It’s not just a small selection either, there is loads of them. It was like it was already spring but Christmas was only days ago.

Easter Eggs pack the shelves of Tesco Extra in Llantrisant, South Wales yesterday morning

The full-sized chocolate eggs were give pride of place and prime shelf location today

The early release gave shoppers a preview into show new orange flavoured Twirl eggs

‘It does leave a bit of a sour taste to be honest, it just shows that we’re all just consumers. They must sell them to stock them, so who can blame them?

‘But I still find it ridiculous that a couple of days after we’ve seen in the New Year, they’re already thinking about the next celebration even though it’s four months away.’

Another shopper Lynn Riley, 54, of Talbot Green, added: ‘It did make me shake my head in disbelief. It seems to be getting earlier and earlier each year.

‘Who on earth buys their Easter eggs this early anyway? I just don’t understand it.’

Smaller eggs out in show on the shelves on some Tesco outlets for the start of the new year

This Iceland store in North London had started stocking them in December late last year

A selection of Easter eggs on sale in Iceland in north London, four days after Christmas Day

Asda is also offering Cadbury’s Creme Eggs, packs of Mini Egg and Oreo Easter eggs while budget store B&M has also started stocking Creme Eggs and Mini Eggs.

Others have taken to social media to express their dismay with one person writing: ‘Ridiculous* 3rd Jan and Easter Eggs on sale in Tesco.’

Another web user put: ‘It feels like someone is wishing all our lives away. What happened to the trend of mindfulness and living in the moment?’

A third person commented: ‘At my local supermarket yesterday I saw Easter eggs for sale alongside the (uncleared) Christmas bonbons.’

Another commented: ‘Is this a pandemic thing? Get your eggs before Easter is cancelled!’

A Tesco spokeswoman told MailOnline: ‘It’s a few weeks until customers are able to choose from our full range of Easter products.

‘However, we know some of our customers like to buy their eggs early so we have started selling a small selection in some of our stores.’

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